A Great News for Tourists Visiting Kashmir, Bus Boat Service is About to Start

Bus Boat in Kashmir

A Great News for Tourists Visiting Kashmir, Bus Boat Service is About to Start

The Jammu and Kashmir government has passed an order to start water transport in the state. Now for all the tourists coming to Kashmir, these orders of the government are no less than a gift. Let me tell you that the Government of Jammu and Kashmir is working on this scheme of transformation for the last 10 years. Once upon a time, waterways were the main mode of transport in the Kashmir Valley. In such a situation, the Jammu and Kashmir government has given orders to start water transport in the state after achieving success in the efforts made for ten years. Water bus service was tested for the first time in Kashmir. Now the people living in Kashmir and all the tourists coming here will soon be able to take advantage of the bus boat service.

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The bus boats, which are fully air-conditioned and well-equipped, were today landed in the Jhelum River, purchased from New Zealand. The boat will take passengers from the Lasjan area on the outskirts of the city to Chattabal in the old city. and will cross all the nine bridges of Jhelum. This bus boat has a glass roof and a dome shape, so that the passengers can easily see outside. According to the information, water bus service was tested for the first time in Kashmir. This bus boat has a capacity of 35 passengers, drivers and four rescue operators. The trial run of the bus boat has been done from Lasjan to Lal Chowk in the Jhelum river from Lasjan to Chatabal Veer for a distance of about 25 kilometers. Which was very successful and it is expected that soon the boat bus services will also be allowed to start. This boat bus will cover a distance of about 25 kilometers in the Jhelum river. Due to the traffic jams on the roads of Srinagar, with the help of this bus boat, various places in the city will be easily accessible.

During this journey, the boat bus will now pass through important and historical buildings of Srinagar. Bus boat travel will be pollution free. There will be no traffic jam during this period. In such a situation, with the introduction of bus boat service, people will not face any problem in traveling. Also, it will prove to be a boon for the tourists visiting here.

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