How To Reach Valley of Flowers?

How To Reach Valley of Flowers?

Many people usually come with very common questions like; How To Reach Valley of Flowers. In particular from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Lucknow among others, reaching the valley requires Govindghat as a nearby point. From Govindghat, it takes about 17 KM to reach the valley of flowers.

How to Reach Valley of Flowers?

In terms of the query on “How to travel to the valley from Govindghat”, it takes around five and a half hours to cover the distance from Haridwar by bus. In addition, you will have to walk 13 kilometres from Govindghat to get to Ghangaria. There are ways in which you can do that by hiking, hire porter or pony, with a helicopter among others. Hiring a helicopter is expensive and may fail in case of bad weather. It’s cheap trekking or hiring a porter/pony are available also in poor weather. After reaching Ghangeria, you have to trek for another three kilometres in order to get to the valley of flowers.

Valley of Flowers By Road

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There are roads even from valley of flowers up-to Govindghat. this facilitates in moving across it by the vehicles that link the major destinations of the Uttarakhand state." Buses and individual cars can take you to the famous destination in Utter Pradesh state like Srinagar, Rishikesh and Haridwar. The state’s regions that are accessible through buses and personal automobiles include Rishikesh, Rurdraprayag, Srinagar, and Chamoli in order to arrive at Govindghati, which lies on NH-58.

  • Route to valley of flowers from Delhi goes like: Haridwar- Delhi-Rudraprayag- Ghangaria(trekking)-Joshimath-Govindnath(trekking) and valley of flower.
  • Route to Valley of flowers from Haldwani Ranikhet goes like: Ranikht-Karnaprayag-Joshimath (trekking)-Govindghat-Ghangaria (trekking-the valley of flowers.

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Valley of Flowers By Train

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You may as well add the rail route in order to get to the valley of flower. The nearest railhead for Valley of Flowers is Rishikesh. At this point, one may follow the road toward Govindghat. Then, the trek of approximately 16 kilometers (13 kilometers of Govindghat + 3km to Ghanagari) on the way towards Valley of Flowers. The rishikeshi rail line is about 273 kilometers away from gobindhath and has an easy connection network with various rail lines spread in different parts of the country.

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Valley of Flowers By Helicopter

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Visitors are linked from the nearest airport, ‘Jolly Grant’ of Dehradun which connects them with this place of flowers. You are also expected to cover a journey of approximately 292 kilometres starting from the Jolly Grant Airport and ending at Govindghat. The hike towards the valley of flowers starts from Govindghat through Ghangaria. Nevertheless, the city’s airline can connect with Delhi by using daily flights.

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