Places to Visit in Bareilly

Places to Visit in Bareilly

Its history and stunning buildings in Uttar Pradesh are what Bareilly’s fame rests on. Each temple, mosque and shrine in this alluring city nestled in the embrace of the Ramganga river is a testament to its rich cultural legacy. Because of its reputation in producing high-quality cane furniture, Bans-Bareilly is a nickname that the city has earned.

In Bareilly everyone will find something whether they are seeking tranquility, historical knowledge or festivities. Making them worth exploring, unique charms define Bareilly’s top destinations.

In this article, we will take you on a journey through the famous places to visit in Bareilly, giving you a glimpse into the spiritual (famous temple in Uttar Pradesh) and historical wonders that await you.

  • Best Time to Visit: October to March
  • Ideal Vacation Duration: 1 to 2 days
  • Places to Visit:Jagannath Temple, Alaknath Temple, Dargah-E-Aalahazrat, etc.
  • Things to Do: Explore the historical heritage and visit temples and museums.
  • How to Reach: Via air, rail and road.

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Here are some popular places to visit in Bareilly:

  • Jagannath Temple: A Serene Abode of Lord Shiva
  • Alaknath Temple: Reverence and Festivities
  • Dargah-E-Aalahazrat
  • Army Service Corps Museum: A Glimpse into Military History
  • Fun City: Thrilling Adventures for All Ages
  • Tulsi Math: A Tribute to the Literary Legend
  • Ahichchhatra: A Stroll Through Ancient History
  • Travel with Shrine Yatra: A Delightful Journey

If you are planning to visit Bareilly? Here, we have compiled a list of top 8 places to visit in Bareilly & things to do in Bareilly that should be on your wishlist!

1.) Jagannath Temple: A Serene Abode of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is honoured in the magnificent Jagannath Temple, which is in the heart of Bareilly. Stepping into this ancient temple, visitors are greeted by beautiful paintings and sculptures that depict the tales of Lord Shiva. The temple’s intricate designs and captivating artwork, dating back almost 200 years, mesmerize all who enter.

A serene atmosphere, offering respite from the bustling city life is created by daily prayers and the soothing sound of temple bells. For those seeking inner peace and spiritual solace, the Jagannath Temple should be at the top of their list of places to visit in Bareilly.

2.) Alaknath Temple: Reverence and Festivities

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Bareilly’s renowned Alaknath Temple is among the most celebrated. Not only does this holy site house a Lord Shiva statue, but also various Lord Hanuman structures. Renowned for festivals like Maha Kumbh Mela and Maha Shivaratri, the temple is a place of reverence.

Devotees from across the globe converge upon the temple during these celebrations, becoming fully immersed in the cultural heritage and customs on showcase. The temple complex houses shelter for cows, goats, and buffaloes. To get a true taste of Bareilly’s lively culture and customs, visiting the Alaknath Temple during festival time is a non-negotiable.

3.) Dargah-E-Aalahazrat

Ahmed Raza Khan’s 19th-century contributions to Islamic scholarship, including his role as a philosopher, jurisprudent, Sufi, poet, and more, are recognized through the grand structure known as Dargah-E-Aalahazrat. Showcasing the intricate geometry of Bareilly’s cultural legacy, this architectural marvel stands as a testament.

Devotees find great value in this location, which functions as both a hub for pilgrimage and Islamic learning. The Dargah-E-Aalahazrat serves as an enduring tribute to the significant influence Ahmed Raza Khan held during the British period. In Bareilly, both historical importance and aesthetic appeal make it essential to visit.

4.) Army Service Corps Museum: A Glimpse into Military History

Past guns, including remarkable ones, are conserved at the Army Service Corps Museum in Bareilly. Through the evolution of firearms, this museum takes visitors on a journey of loss and bloodshed, highlighting. Further enriching the museum’s exhibits are manuscripts detailing the events of wars.

Through the exhibits at the Army Service Corps Museum, we are forced to confront our collective progress, while also acknowledging the lessons that lie ahead. For enthusiasts of military history and weaponry, this museum is one of the top attractions in Bareilly.

5.) Fun City: Thrilling Adventures for All Ages

Located on the Pilibhit bypass road, Fun City is a well-liked destination for families and children in Bareilly. Among the attractions available at this amusement park are slides, roller coasters, horror walkways, boating, and a rain dance.

Environmental sustainability is demonstrated through the biggest rainwater harvesting system in Bareilly by the park. Not only a destination for thrill rides, Fun City also provides an opportunity to experience local flavors and create lasting memories with family and friends. For all, Fun City offers an enjoyable experience regardless of age.

6.) Tulsi Math: A Tribute to the Literary Legend

Renowned author Tulsi Das is remembered at Tulsi Math, a temple built to honor him for his work in translating ancient scripts into understandable language for the general population. By the temple priests, various species of Tulsi plants are lovingly maintained near the Alaknath Temple.

At the temple, Valmiki, revered as the reincarnation of Tulsi Das, a pious figure, is acknowledged. Celebrations of Hindu festivals like Diwali, Holi, Ram Navami, and Shivaratri permeate the temple with lively hues, cultural practices, and historical traditions. Bareilly’s beauty and festivities can be fully experienced by visiting Tulsi Math.

7.) Ahichchhatra: A Stroll Through Ancient History

Ahichchhatra, a glimpse into the historical past of Bareilly, is the ancient capital of Panchal. Uncovered at the site are painted grey ware artifacts, which suggest the town’s prosperity during the Gupta Empire. According to belief, Parshvanatha discovered enlightenment in Ahichchhatra, the 23rd Tirthankar of Jainism.

Having numerous temples dedicated to Parvnath, Ahichchhatra has become a prominent pilgrimage site for Jains. March sees the grand Jain Mela, a draw for visitors from far and near. Ahichchhatra can be reached by stepping back in time, it’s like exploring ancient roots of Bareilly.

8.) Travel with Shrine Yatra: A Delightful Journey

Important for a comfortable and budget-friendly travel experience during a trip to Bareilly is planning. Going beyond Shrine Yatra, seek no further for a comfortable and economic transportation method. Drivers and marshals committed to delivering a seamless travel experience are the backbone of Shrine Yatra.

The well-maintained halt sites along each route provide passengers with a place to rest and recharge during their journey. Booking tickets online or calling Shrine Yatra grants access to amazing discounts. Comfort and ease are core to not missing out on Bareilly’s exciting adventures.


In Conclusion Bareilly, blessed with a depth of history, an alluring built environment, and a zealous cultural calendar, abounds with tourist attractions. Bareilly offers a range of experiences, from the peaceful atmosphere of the Jagannath Temple to the excitement of Fun City, each locale possessing its own special allure. Look to Bareilly for a meaningful encounter with spirituality, culture, or history. The beauty of this enchanting city awaits you, along with unforgettable memories, when you plan your visit.

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