Places to Visit in Buldhana

Places to Visit in Buldhana

The district of Buldhana in the state of Maharashtra is significant. The city of Maharashtra, Mumbai, lies five hundred kilometers from Buldhana, another one of its cities. The district also contains a multitude of natural, religious, and traditional travel attractions which attract numerous tourists from all corners of the country.

In a city tour named as bulletin Buldhana there are some exciting tourist spots, yet we shall look for the top ten tourist spots in today’s post. Majority of Bhils resides at Buldhana City. Buldhana city has a climate of 25 degrees Celsius and therefore it falls under a tropical area.

In this article, we will take you on a journey through the famous places to visit in Buldhana, giving you a glimpse into the spiritual and historical wonders that await you.

  • Best Time to Visit: November – March
  • Ideal Vacation Duration: 3 to 5 days
  • Places to Visit:Ambabarwa Sanctuary, Rajur Ghat, Dnyanganga Wildlife Sanctuary, Gajanan Maharaj Temple, etc.
  • Things to Do: Explore the historical heritage and visit temples and museums.
  • How to Reach: Via air, rail and road.

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Here are some popular places to visit in Buldhana:

  • Ambabarwa Sanctuary
  • Rajur Ghat
  • Dnyanganga Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Gajanan Maharaj Temple
  • Anand Sagar
  • Lonar Sarovar
  • Lord Hanuman
  • Renuka Devi Temple
  • Sailani Baba Dargah
  • Sindkhed Raja

If you are planning to visit Solapur? Here, we have compiled a list of top 10 places to visit in Buldhana & things to do in Buldhana that should be on your wishlist!

1.) Ambabarwa Sanctuary

The Ambabarwa Sanctuary is one of the lovelier scenic tourist spots in the Buldhana districts. One of the most famous sanctuaries in Buldhana districts is Ambabarwa Sanctuary. Ambabarwa Sanctuary is situated at Sangrampur, Buldhana. It lies in the Satpura hills.

Here you can see many wild animals such as tigers, lions, cheetahs and other animals that live in wild. The sanctuary covers only 127 square kilometres. Buldhana district’s main tourist center is Ambabarwa Sanctuary. Also, various species of birds are seen here that attract bird lovers in large numbers to visit this sanctuary.

Ambabarwa, a sanctuary, stands 125 km from Buldhana City. It is possible to visit Ambabarwa Sanctuary during the whole year and enjoy this natural beauty. Early monsoon and summer period is the ideal time to visit this sanctuary.

2.) Rajur Ghat

Rajur Ghat sits on the Buldhana Malkapur Road and has a natural scenic beauty. People travel from various states just to visit this ghat. Various temples, rivers, trees, and bushes can be seen in Rajur Ghat. The natural beauty of this ghat attracts tourists here. This area experiences fairly cold weather that draws tourists. One of the natural tourist places in Buldhana district is Rajur Ghat.

There are hills all over Rajour Ghat. These are some of the scenic spots in these ghats. There are various other tourist attractions too in these ghats as you can visit Venkata Giri Balaji temple. The temple of Sankat Mochan Hanuman is also situated at Rajur Ghat. The Rajur Ghat boasts a large number of tourists annually as the place is home to many religious and natural tourist attractions.

The place is frequented by tourists coming from the Buldhana district for vacations. Many tourists from outside Burdhana city also come here and spend their holidays. It’s an amazing place to enjoy the time in nature.

3.) Dnyanganga Wildlife Sanctuary

There are different natural tourist attraction sites in the towns of Buldhana as well as sanctuaries. One of the largest sanctuaries is the Dnyanganga Wildlife Sanctuary which is often visited by tourists in the cities of Buldhana. This sanctuary is visited by thousands of tourists annually.

It is one of the favourite places in the Buldhana district for people who love nature. The Wildlife Sanctuary of Dnyanganga is located along the state highway from Buldhana to Khamgaon. This park occupies a total space of 205 square feet. Dnyanganga became Dnyanganga Wildlife Sanctuary and the main river in it – Dnyanganga. The sanctuary was later named as Gnanaganga Sanctuary.

In this case, the sanctuary known as Dnyanganga Wildlife Sanctuary was established by this year on May 9, 1997. Here you can witness tigers, lions, foxes, along with other terrifying animals in Dnyanganga Wildlife Sanctuary. It is Dyanganga Sanctuary, located at a distance of 28 km from Buldhana town.

As such, Dnyanganga Wildlife Sanctuary is considered the most significant and an exciting choice of sanctuary for tourists in the district. You will enjoy a visit to Gyanganga Sanctuary if you are planning to visit Buldhana.

4.) Gajanan Maharaj Temple

The township of Buldhana has quite many popular tourist sites, including one that is referred to as the Gajanan Maharaj Temple, a temple for religious visitors. People who are devoted to Gajanan Maharaj temple include those from the region of Buldhana and also visitors from all around Maharashtra that come for darshan.

The Buldhana town has a stunning temple called Gajanan Maharaj temple at Shegaon. Millions of devotees visit this place annually in order to receive the darshan of Gajanan Maharaj. The districts of Buldhana have one of their chief religious’ tourist places as Gajanan Maharaj Temple.

You can imagine the type of devotees that Gajanan Maharaj has if you know of His fame. There are always numerous visitors at this location. Should you ever get an urge to tour in Buldhana, Gajanan Maharaj at Shegaon is definitely a place to be. The temple has two entrances. Gajanan Baba Maharaj is magnificent and located 55 km away from Buldhana district.

5.) Anand Sagar

As a result of scarcity in Shegaon village area for leaves a project done by Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Shegaon in creating lake full of water. Anand Sagar is an eco-tourism spot situated at Shegaon, Buldhana. Shegaon village is some three km from Anand Sagar.

Shegaon village located in Buldhane city attracts lacs of devotees of various faiths. Here are monuments erected in honor of several saints. This location is loved by people who love nature as it is situated in a beautiful environment. If you are going to Buldhana, the place is worth visiting.

6.) Lonar Sarovar

Knowing About Lonar Sarovar. You also learn about Lonar lake in secondary schools. Visit Buldhana district to see it for real purpose to view this lake. Lonar Sarovar is also perceived as a saltwater lake located in the Buldhana district. This lake is formed by a meteorite and lakhs of tourists come to view this place annually. You can locate a great deal of basalt rocks from here.

The lake has also been set apart as Lonar Sanctuary. However, Lonar Sarovar is one of the most important religious tourist attractions in the city of Buldhana. One of the well-known natural tourist destinations in the city of Buldhana is the Lonavala Lake; it is the favourite site for tourists.

7.) Lord Hanuman

In the Buldhana district are various religious tourism sites. In the Buldhana district, the Hanuman idol is one of the important religious tourist places. In the Buldhana district, there is a Hanuman idol at Nandura. In here, there is a statue of Lord Hanuman with the height of 105 feet. This idol attracts a lot of local tourists and foreign tourists to the Buldhana district.

In the Buldhana district, there is a good amount of religious tourism, thus making Buldhana a popular city for religious tourism. White is the color of the idol of Lord Hanuman as it is made from marble. This magnificent statue attracts tourists. The Buldhana district also perceives it as a preferred local tourist site.

Here we are referring to the deity of Lord Hanuman at this place, who has a mace in one hand and the other hand in ‘Abhayam’ posture meant for warding off all the evils of the human race. Tourists adore this deity of Lord Hanuman. The Buldhana district also regards this idol as a major religious site. If you’re planning to go to Buldhana, then this place must be visited. This place is great worth seeing.

8.) Renuka Devi Temple

As well as religious tourism in Buldhana districts, there is also natural tourism. Buldhana district is one of the religious tourist spots with Renuka Devi Temple as a key religious place. A temple of Renuka Devi exists at Chikhali in the Buldhana district. This is another important site where devotees of Renu Devi gather for darshan. The god of this city is Chikhli.

Renuka Devi Temple can be visited in any month of the year. However, it is at this specific time that she physically comes downstairs at this specific place. At the time of Yatra, several devotees visit Chikhli to have the darshan of the Goddess and enjoy Yatra. These cities boast of a grand temple of Lord Shankara. The Renuka Devi Temple is also situated at this place where the devotees of Lord Shankar visit.

Buldhana district also features Chikhli city that is considered as an important religious site. Religious tourists come to visit Chikhli town when they go to Buldhana district.

In the District of Buldhana there are number of religious tourist spots in addition to two important temple such as Renuka Devi Temple and the Lord Shankara Temple situated in Chikhli town. The temple of Renukadevi is about 24 km away from Buldhana district.

9.) Sailani Baba Dargah

The Buldhana district also views Sailani Baba Dargah as a vital place. The village where Sailani Baba Dargah stands is Sailani in the Buldhana district. The only place popular about sailani village is maharashtra. This is a name you may even know.

If you or someone in your household is mentally ill, come here for treatment. This is why Sailani Baba Dargah is also famous as a place of spiritual healing visited by many devotees.

If you believe that, you do not come here but they treat you like in the hospital too. Devotees come here to visit Sailani Baba Dargah as many followers believe in its spiritual energy and numerous flock to avoid mental sickness.

10.) Sindkhed Raja

Rajamata Jijau, i.e., Matoshree Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, was born on January 12, 1598. Sindkhed, in the Buldhana district, is the birthplace of Rajmata Jijau. This is a must-visit place for history lovers. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the district of Buldhana.

Bhuikot palace is the place where Rajmata Jijau was born. Sindkhed Raja is a place which is tourists’ destination located along the Mumbai-Nagpur highway. Additionally, it is an important historical and tourist site. The birthplace of Rajamata Jijau, Sindkhed Raja, is situated about 30 km from Buldhana, a grand historical as well as tourist destination.

Sindkhed Cha Raja is an important tourist’s spot of the Buldhana district, historically speaking. The following discussion will be based on religious, historical, and cultural tourist sites in Buldhana district.

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