Gangotri Weather

Gangotri Weather

The gangotri weather may be a bit tricky and may pose a hurdle in your chardham yatra 2021 if you do not have a thorough knowledge. At Shrine Yatra, we always aim to make your chardham journey smoother. Thus, here, we have come up with the gangotri weather details which will help you to plan your convenient gangotri yatra 2021 accordingly.

The weather in gangotri does not vary drastically because of its location in the mountainous region. The maximum average temperature of gangotri ranges from 10°C to 25°C and goes down to even negative temperatures, that is, below 0°C. Thus, no matter during which season you visit, carrying warms and woollens with you is a must. The detailed gangotri weather guide will help you choose the best time to visit gangotri.


Gangotri in Summers (May to June)

The summers in Gangotri starts from the month of May and continues till the month of June. The summers of Gangotri are cool with some splashes of rains. However, the weather remains quite pleasant with the highest recorded temperature being 25°C during the daytime; the temperature falls to around 15°C or below at night. But the summertime is considered to be the best time to visit Gangotri for carrying out the pilgrimage and sightseeing trips.

Gangotri in Monsoons (July to August)

Gangotri, being a hilly region, get worse during the monsoons. The monsoons in Gangotri begins from the month of late July and continues till the month of August. It becomes quite difficult to reach the temple for the pilgrims during the monsoons because landslides become quite frequent.

Gangotri in Winters (November to April)

The winters in Gangotri are freezing cold and also have heavy snowfall. The winter season begins from the month of November and continues till the month of April. The gangotri temple remains closed during this period due to the worst weather conditions and road blockages. The gangotri winter temperature falls to 0°C or even below it during these months which makes it very difficult for the pilgrims to travel. The pilgrims can, however, continue their gangotri yatra by doing visiting the idols of Goddesses to the Mukhba village nearby. Individuals with great trekking skills only visit Gangotri during this time to continue their adventurous trekking expeditions.

Best time to visit Gangotri

The best time to visit gangotri is during the months of April to June and September to November. The gangotri temple can be visited from the last week of April month till the second week of the month of November.

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