Places to Visit in Araria

Places to Visit in Araria

Places to Visit in Araria

Places to Visit in Araria: Araria may not be a famous big city or have a lot of historical importance, but it’s still a popular place for travelers because of where it’s located. Even though it’s not as developed as other areas in Bihar, it stands out for some special reasons.

Araria is strategically important because it shares a border with Nepal. The region is also known for its farming economy, new trade and business opportunities, and some cool old places that remind us of its interesting history.

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Certainly! Here are some places to visit in Araria:

1. Kali Mandir, Araria

This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali and is a significant religious site for Hindus. It is known for its annual festival celebrations, attracting a large number of devotees.

2. Raniganj Vriksh Vatika

It is a serene public park located in Saharsa district, Bihar, India. It features lush greenery, well-maintained gardens, and walking paths. The park offers a peaceful environment for visitors to relax, enjoy nature, and engage in recreational activities. With its beautiful trees, open spaces, and amenities like play areas and exercise equipment, Raniganj Vriksh Vatika provides a refreshing retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle, making it an ideal spot for leisurely strolls and family outings.

3. Biodiversity Park Kusiargaon

At Kusiargaon in Araria, the first biodiversity park in Bihar is presently operational. It lays up a path for students to take. The park also promotes tourism concurrently. The park is difficult to escape the attention of those who travel from a distance because of its placement on NH-57, just 10 kilometres from the district headquarters.

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