Places to Visit in Amravati

Places to Visit in Amravati
Amravati, a city in Maharashtra known for its rich cultural and religious heritage. The city boasts of the finest religiously inspired architecture including Buddhist stupas, one numerous historical landmarks existing for hundreds of years and towering forts that enclose Amravati District. Among places to visit near Amravati based on the religious architecture. Apart from the rich architectural and historical heritage, the town’s setting is characterized by forests, rivers, and waterfalls while in the midst of them is a tiger reserve that houses many great animals. The question shifts to how rather than where to begin. Because of this, it will be quite difficult to arrange an itinerary when everything appears to be incredible and desirable near Amravati. In this article, we will take you on a journey through the famous places to visit in Amravati, giving you a glimpse into the spiritual and historical wonders that await you.
  • Best Time to Visit: November - March
  • Ideal Vacation Duration: 3 to 5 days
  • Places to Visit:Chatri Talo, Ambadevi Temple, Wadali Talav , Malkhed Dam, etc.
  • Things to Do: Explore the historical heritage and visit temples and museums.
  • How to Reach: Via air, rail and road.
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Here are some popular places to visit in Amravati:

  • Chatri Talo
  • Ambadevi Temple
  • Wadali Talav
  • Malkhed Dam
  • Gawilgarh Fort
  • Melghat Tiger Reserve
  • Bakadari AND Kala Kund Waterfall
  • Panthaghati Waterfall
  • Yavatmal
  • Upper Wardha Dam
  • Bamboo Garden
  • Satidham Temple
  • Devi Point
  • Hurricane Point
  • Bhimkund
  • Narnala Fort
  • Muktagiri
If you are planning to visit Amravati? Here, we have compiled a list of top 18 places to visit in Amravati & things to do in Amravati that should be on your wishlist!

1.) Chatri Talo

Chatri Talao Amravati is a landmark of high historical importance. This sparkling mineral-ridden waterbody is very good on evening walks especially for tourists in Amravati and has sprung out from a tiny spring called Kali Nadi.
  • Distance from Amravati: 4.6 km
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Municipal Corporation Bus Stand
  • How To Visit: Train/Bus/Cab/Personal Vehicle/Auto
  • Nearby Places To Visit: Adaneshwar mandir, Satidham mandir, Shri bhakti Dham Temple, Bamboo Garden, Shree Ambadevi Sansthan Mandir

2.) Ambadevi Temple

Ambadevi Temple is the most important religious destination in Amravati, located in the city centre and also an architectural marvel. It is among the top places to visit around Amravati. The temple has been erected to honour Goddess Ambadevi, a Hindu deity widely worshipped in the state. The historical building has lasted for uncountable generations. In the vicinity of Ambadevi, there is the Ekvira Devi Mandir. The temple was built in 1960 and has many visitors for tourists and believers, as it has an origin story similar to that of Ambadevi. People from different walks of lives come to visit this temple due to the numerous festivals in the temple.
  • Distance from Amravati: 950.0 m
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Amravati Bus Stand ( 1.5 Km)
  • How To Visit: Train/Bus/Cab/Personal Vehicle
  • Nearby places To Visit: Shri Ekvira Devi Temple, Pandit Nehru Udyaan, Chatri talkie, and Bamboo Garden.

3.) Wadali Talav

A Delightful suburban reservoir for residents or visitors. The place is one of the finest destinations nearby Amravati for people who love to be in nature. Weekend family picnics and walk at Wadali Talav. With all the beauty it has, it will help you relax your mind from the city’s hustle and bustle. This area is also to go boating and fishing.
  • Distance from Amravati: 4.7 km
  • Nearest Bus Stand: University l Stand, SRPF Colony
  • How To Visit: Train/Bus/Cab/Personal Vehicle/Auto
  • Nearby Places To Visit: 4. Wadali Garden, Bamboo Garden, Woods Water Park Resort, Funland Water Park.

4.) Malkhed Dam

Chandur is a village near Kholad, where the artificial dam, Malkhed Dam, was built. This dam is perfect when families and friends need a picnic where they will break bread on a lazy afternoon. It is a family-oriented place with a park close to it where kids ride on toy trains while parents indulge in the serenity of the earth fill dam.
  • Distance from Amravati: 25.3 km
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Central bus stand Amravati
  • How To Visit: Train/Bus/Cab/Personal Vehicle/Auto
  • Nearby Places To Visit: Chatri Talao, Bamboo Garden, Funland Water Park, Wadali Garden

5.) Gawilgarh Fort

It is an ancient fort located in Chikhaldara called Gawilgarh fort. The most notable features of the fort include its Persian inscriptions, two lakes, three gates, a fallen mosque and other highlights. The natural aesthetics and picturesque settings will attract visitors to the area. You can visit this fort daily. This makes it one of the exciting places to visit around Amravati for outdoor fun.
  • Distance from Amravati: 85.1 km
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Paratwada (Dist. Amravati) Bus Stand
  • How To Visit: Train/Bus/Cab/Personal Vehicle/Auto
  • Nearby Places To Visit: Panchbol Point Melghat Tiger Reserve, Chikhaldara Hill Station, Mozari Poi, Bhimkund Point.


Situated at a height of about 1118 metres in theAmravati district is the Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a southeastern extension of the Melghat Tiger Reserve and also known as Wan Wildlife Sanctuary. At the Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary, one can also find panthers, sloth bears, sambar, wild boars and even wild dogs which are rarely seen. If you visit Chikhaldara National Park even for a couple of days, you will surely meet many of this kind of species.
  • Distance from Amravati: 100.0 km
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Amravati-Badnera Bus Stand
  • How To Visit: Train/Bus/Cab/Personal Vehicle/Auto
  • Nearby Places To Visit: Melghat Tiger Reserve, Panchbol point, Prospect Point, Gawilgarh fort and Goraghat Point.

7.) Melghat Tiger Reserve

One of the places to visit in Amravati is the Melghat Tiger Reserve. Melghat in its direct translation means “meeting of ghats” and it is true that the reserve meets the Satpura mountain ranges to the border with Madhya Pradesh. It was established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1967 and as a Tiger Reserve in 1974. Melghat Tiger Reserve, these are the kind of chances that you will get to encounter a tiger at close quarters in its own home. Here at the Reserve, you may not only sight tigers, but also for species ranging from the Indian bison to serpent eagles.
  • Distance from Amravati: 108.9 km
  • Nearest Bus Stand: MSRTC Bus Stand ( 20 Kms)
  • How To Visit: Train/Bus/Cab/Personal Vehicle
  • Nearby Places To Visit: Chikhaldara Hill Station, Gawilghur Fort, Narnala Fort.

8.) Bakadari AND Kala Kund Waterfall

Some of the popular weekend excursions from the city include Bakadari and Kalakund waterfalls in Chikaldhara. Bakadari is a natural waterfall, and so is Kalakund. A group of friends is always packed in these two waterfalls due to the adventurous nature. These falls are also a favourite for trek lovers who frequent them, having a walk around. These impressive waterfalls are also accessible from the nearby village of Aadnadi.
  • Distance from Amravati: 85 km
  • How To Visit: Train/Bus/Cab/Personal Vehicle/Trek
  • Nearby Places To Visit: Devi Point, Gawilgarh Fort, Muktagiri Fort

9.) Panthaghati Waterfall

Panthaghati is a small village or hamlet situated in the Warud Taluka of Amravati District of Maharashtra State in India. It is located in Vidarbha region and also falls under Amravati Division. It is a surprise element for the people in Amravati district surrounded by this waterfall and is awe inspiring to them. It is the best place to go for nature lovers near Amravati.
  • Distance from Amravati: 75.2 km
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Warud Bus Station
  • How To Visit: Train/Bus/Cab/Personal Vehicle
  • Nearby Places To Visit: Ken River, Tapti River, Hatni Waterfall, Vatsalya Children’s Hospital.

10.) Yavatmal

Yavatmal town is located on latitude of 1460 feet from sea level and is known for old temples and beautiful picnic spots. Quite literally, in Marathi, “yavat” means “mountain” and “mal” means “row”, hence an actual hill station of northeastern Maharashtra. The dense forest is home to two sanctuaries: The Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary and the Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary; while Waghadi River is a feast for the eyes of those who visit this place.
  • Distance from Amravati: 93.0 km
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Yavatmal main Bus Stand
  • How To Visit: Bus transport is among them, and the journey takes about one hour. One can reach Dhamangaon from Mumbai on a train and then catch a bus from Dhamangaon
Best Time To Visit: Winters Between December and February

11.) Upper Wardha Dam

To get the feeling of this area, you should go to Amravati’s suburbs in Simhora town. The little establishment has a local market, which has traditional dining facilities where Wardha Dam can be viewed from. The dam that provides much of water to the city of Amravati is also a beauty where the agate type gated structure comprising 13 radial gates designed to pass the design flood, looks splendid from far.
  • Distance from Amravati: 61.8 km
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Morshi Bus Stand
  • How To Visit: Train/Bus/Cab/Personal Vehicle
  • Nearby Places To Visit: Naldamyamti Sagar (Simbhora Dam), Upper Wardha Dam Reservoir, Malviya Garden, Garden Morshi, Dinosaur Statue by Sandip Upadhya and Salabardi Mahadev Mandir.

12.) Bamboo Garden

Bamboo Garden is India’s largest bamboo plant display with 134 different species of Bamboo and a nursery specialising in bamboo. Tourists visiting Amravati must visit this latest addition to the tourist SNV and enjoy, within a meagre amount, the beauty of the garden. It costs 20 rupees per person to enter.
  • Distance from Amravati: 4.5 km
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Rajapeth Bus Stand
  • How To Visit: Train/Bus/Cab/Personal Vehicle/Auto
  • Nearby Places To Visit: Sri Ambadevi Temple, Woods water park resort, Chatri Talao

13.) Satidham Temple

Satidham Temple – one of Maharashtra’s Holy Temples. Situated at Rallies Plot, the temple complex was built on 10th July 1975 and it is just about the city centre of Amravati. This stunning temple has been a religious way for Madhusudan Shivchandrai Jhunjhunwala. There are colourful paintings on the walls that tell stories from Puranas, Ramayana and Mahabaratha. The three temples are situated in a temple complex, which looks like the Raths of Jagannath Mandir.
  • Distance from Amravati: 500 m/0.4 km
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Amravati Bus Stand
  • How To Visit: Taxi/ Rickshaw
  • Nearby Places To Visit: Bhakti Dham Temple, Wadali Tao,Chaitri Talo

14.) Devi Point

This is Devi Point which is a tourist point in Chikhaldara, Amravati city of Maharashtra. This point has a temple where the local people visit to pray or enjoy their time with friends and family for that matter. It is endowed with this point of name by the very existence of a temple. At this point one can see the whole of Chikhaldara and all its landmarks. People need not go to this place as it has nothing really great about it. After the viewpoint they can come here if you have time left, click some photos ,have some snacks , take cool air for refreshment and again continue to the next destination. If you happen to be here, enjoy the ride.
  • Distance from Amravati: 1.5 km
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Chikhaldar bus stop
  • How To Visit: Bus/Train
  • Nearby Places to Visit: Chikhaldara, Gawilgarh, Hurricane Point.

15.) Hurricane Point

Hurricane Point in the district of Amravati in Maharashtra, however provides natural beauty, lush green and healthy atmosphere. Here is an overlooked garden to the deep valley opposite. This point gives us an incredible view. Before going to other places in this place, we advise visitors to start their day by spending half an hour near nature and its boundless creations. Stay available at Harshvardhan hotel and jai bhavani tourist hotel in Chikhaldhara. The place with its beauty pitfalls is best during monsoon mornings. But to have fun right now.
  • Distance from Amravati: 88.6 km
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Chikhaldar bus stop
  • How To Visit: Bus/Train
  • Nearby Places to Visit: Chikhaldara, Gawilgarh, Devi Point

16.) Bhimkund

Bhimkund is a Natural Blue Water Tank situated approximately 78 km away from Chhattarpur district, in between Chikhaldara and Pratwada. Legend has it that Bhim killed Kichaka and threw him in this valley, thus giving the name Kichakdara. This is where he took a bath in the nearby lake and it goes by the name ‘Bhimkund’. Though the depth of Bhimkund can’t be defined by standard measure stick but as the locals narrated the aggressiveness with which water levitates upto 30 metres when tsunami had struck in the margin of sea.
  • Distance from Amravati: 2 km
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Chikhaldar bus stop
  • How To Visit: Bus/Train
  • Nearby Places to Visit: Chikhaldara, Gawilgarh, Hurricane Point.

17.) Narnala Fort

The Narnala Fort, resting tall and strong on an unaccompanied hill of the Satpura mountain range stands as a testimony to the Mughals’ vivid history and remarkable architecture. This grand fort was one of the thirteen ‘sarkars’ of Berar Subah and contains fascinating proofs of the grandeur of the Mughal Dynasty, notably the 27-foot long cannon- Kadak Bijli. The Narnala Fort stands 973 metres high on a lonesome hill, from which it gives a breathtaking view of the Satpura ranges. The fort is nestled in green and blue, a glorious reality that cannot be gainsaid. This huge fort consists of three small forts namely the one on the east called Zafarabad, that in between known as Narnala and at the west Teligarh. Originally built in 10 A.D. During the Gond Dynasty, It is named after one off Rajput King of prestiged king Narnal Singh but was slapped to dust by Mughals in 15th Century. Since then, it has been called Shahnoor Fort and a focal point for most Mughal emperors. And that was not all; it was the birthplace of a great grandson to Emperor Aurangzeb. The famous Muslim saint, Hazrat Burhanuddin Bagh Sawar Wali camped in the fort very frequently and used to witness many white tigers within the premises of the fort!
  • Distance from Amravati: 36 km
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Chikhaldar bus stop
  • How To Visit: Bus/Train
  • Nearby Places to Visit: Gawilgarh, Hurricane Point, Muktagari

18.) Muktagiri

The other famous pilgrimage centre dedicated to Jainism is Muktagiri located in Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh border in the central part of India. Is upon the Satpuda Mountain Ranges near a scenic waterfall through lush greenery and holds 52 temples. The place is a beauty and a sight to behold, especially during monsoons when it carries gallons of clear water and the green vegetation is very conspicuous. Devotees have to climb the hill since the temple complex is on a hill. The height of the mast is constructed with approximately 350 steps. While it may seem a bit tiresome to climb that many steps, when you get up there, the wide view around all of the complex and adorable skies will give you an experience like never. Muktagiri is also termed as Mendhagiri or Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Muktagiri.
  • Distance from Amravati: 25 km
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Chikhaldar bus stop
  • How To Visit: Bus/Train
  • Nearby Places to Visit: Gawilgarh Fort, Hurricane Point, Muktagari


These are the Best Places one should explore on a visit to Amravati. We hope the Spiritual and the serenity of this city have made you pack your bag and join us for the warm ambiance of Amravati. Happy Travelling! Do Share or Comment Below to Help Us Grow.
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