Places to Visit in Darbhanga

Darbhanga is the sixth-largest city in Bihar and is located on the eastern bank of the River Bagmati. The name Darbhanga is made up of the two terms Dar and Bhanga, which mean "Gateway of Bengal." The city is regarded as the administrative centre for the Darbhanga district and the capital of the Mithila region. Darbhanga is not your average tourist destination. With a history dating back centuries, this city in Bihar, India, is steeped in rich cultural heritage. It was once the seat of the Raj Darbhanga, a powerful dynasty that ruled over the region. The remnants of this royal past are still visible today, making Darbhanga a fascinating place to explore for history buffs. If you’re looking for peace and spirituality, you can visit all the places in Darbhanga through our great Bihar Tour Packages deal!

Here are some popular places to visit in Darbhanga:

1. Darbhanga Palace

Also known as the Raj Bhavan, Darbhanga Palace is a magnificent structure that reflects the architectural grandeur of the region. It was the residence of the Maharajas of Darbhanga and now serves as the official residence of the Governor of Bihar.

2. Nargauna Palace

Situated in the Nargauna village near Darbhanga, this palace is another architectural gem. It features a unique blend of Mughal and Rajput architectural styles and is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

3. Mithila Museum

The Mithila Museum, which is a part of the Darbhanga Palace complex, is home to a significant collection of antiquated objects, artwork, books, and sculptures that represent the rich Mithila culture and history.

4. Chandradhari Museum

The Chandradhari Museum, which is located in Darbhanga town, features an extensive collection of artefacts from many historical eras, including coins, sculptures, paintings, and manuscripts. It provides information about the area's cultural and historical legacy.

5. Shyama Kali Temple

This temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali and is an important religious site in Darbhanga. It attracts devotees from far and wide, especially during the festive occasions.

6. Kusheshwar Asthan Bird Sanctuary

Located around 20 kilometers from Darbhanga, this bird sanctuary is a paradise for bird lovers. It is home to a variety of migratory and resident bird species, making it a great place for birdwatching and nature walks.

7. Kankali Temple

This ancient temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali and is believed to be over 500 years old. It is an important religious site and a place of spiritual significance.

8. Ahilya Asthan

Situated near Darbhanga, Ahilya Asthan is a sacred site associated with the mythological story of Ahilya, the wife of Sage Gautam. The temple and the surrounding area have historical and religious importance. When in Darbhanga, do not miss the opportunity to relish the local delicacy known as Litti-Chokha. Litti is a savory wheat and gram flour dough ball, traditionally stuffed with spiced roasted gram flour (sattu) and served with mashed potato and brinjal curry known as Chokha. It is a popular and delicious street food that offers a unique culinary experience.

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