Places to Visit in Mcleodganj

Places to Visit in Mcleodganj

Mcleodganj is near Dharamshala and this is one of the most scenic hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. Mcleodganj is the best trekking destination in Himachal Pradesh. Places like Dharamshala, Bhagsu, and Kangra, are very close to Mcleodganj and you can trek in all these places. Mcleodganj is known for its Tibetan monasteries and Tibetan culture. The Tibetan guru Dalai Lama resides here. His disciples and monks practice meditation daily in the monasteries in Mcleodganj. Tibetan architecture is the best thing to see in Mcleodganj. Namgyal Monastery and Tsuglagkhang Monastery are deeply spiritual Tibetan monasteries. Mcleodganj has some of the best sightseeing places in Himachal Pradesh. In any Himachal tour package, you can include Mcleodganj and see its wonderful places. You can also book a special Mcleodganj tour package to see the best places in Mcleodganj.

1. Bhagsunath Temple & Waterfall

Bhagsunath Temple is an ancient temple in Mcleodganj. Nag Devta or the Snake God is the chief deity of this temple. Bhagsunath Temple is situated close to a famous waterfall called Bhagsunath Waterfall. This 30 ft high waterfall is very scenic and you can swim in the pool that is below this waterfall. Bhagsunath Temple & Bhagsunath Waterfall are situated in thick forests and scenic surroundings.

2. Triund Hill

Triund Hill is a very famous hill and the Triund Hill trek is one of the best treks in Himachal Pradesh. The trek to Triund Hill offers majestic views of Kangra Valley, Indrahar Pass, Moon Peak, and the Dhauladhar mountain range. Triund Hill trek is the best trekking place near Mcleodganj. The trek trail goes through forests, alpine grasslands, snowy slopes, and mountain valleys. You can spot Himalayan birds and animals on this trek.

3. Namgyal Monastery

Namgyal Monastery is a Tibetan monastery in Mcleodganj. It is also famous as Dalai Lama Monastery. This monastery is believed to be the largest monastery outside Tibet. The monastery is known to practice ancient Tibetan practices like Yamantaka, Chakrasamvara, Vajrakilaya, Kalachakra, etc. Monks who reside here will guide you in meditation and Tibetan spiritualism. There is a school that teaches tantric practices.

4. Dharamshala to Mcleodganj Ropeway

You can take the Dharamshala to Mcleodganj ropeway which is popularly called Dharamshala Skyway. With the help of this ropeway, you can reach Mcleodganj from Dharamshala within just 5 minutes. The ropeway is 1.8 km long and the aerial ropeway has cable cars which are called gondolas. There are 18 gondolas, 2 stations, and 10 towers that make this ropeway. In Mcleodganj, the ropeway has a station in front of the Dalai Lama Temple. You can have beautiful views of the surrounding below.

5. Kareri Lake

Kareri Lake is a freshwater lake and one of the best places to visit in Mcleodganj. It is surrounded by pine and deodar trees and it makes a wonderful sight. The source of water of Kareri Lake is in the snow-capped Dhauladhar mountains. Kareri Lake trek is best for trekking and nature walks.

6. Dharamkot

Dharamkot is a scenic village in Mcleodganj. It is close to Kareri Lake and offers scenic views of the Dhauladhar ranges. From Dharamkot you can go on trekking in the village of Naddi and also to Triund Hill. Dharamkot has some cafes where you can even stay for a night. Dharamkot is like a refreshing break from the more touristy Mcleodganj and Dharamshala.

7. Minkiani Pass

In Mcleodganj you can visit many scenic places like Minkiani Pass. Minkiani Pass trek is one of the best treks in Himachal Pradesh. The treks offer scenic views of the Dhauladhar mountains and valleys. You can spot Himalayan wildlife species here.

8. Naddi Viewpoint

Mcleodganj is famous for its scenic viewpoints and one of the best is Naddi View Point. The entire landscape is full of blue-green mountain ridges, and lush green forests. Sunrise and sunset views from Naddi Viewpoint look very scenic.

9. Dal Lake

Dal Lake is one of the scenic lakes in Mcleodganj. The lake is named after Dal Lake in Srinagar. The tall deodar trees that surround the lake make it look very picturesque. There are many temples near the lake like Durveshwar Mahadev, Chintamani Temple, etc. You can do boating in Dal Lake. Morning is the best time to visit this lake as the mist over the lake waters makes it look unbelievable.

10. Kangra Fort

Kangra Fort is a medieval fort in Mcleodganj. The fort is one of the largest forts in the Himalayan region. According to historical records, Maharaja Susharma Chandra from the Katoch dynasty built this fort 3500 years ago. Many sections of this fort are still intact after all these years. The Kangra Fort has a history that dates back to the Mahabharata times. The gates, courtyards, and outer walls are parts that can still be seen in this fort.

11. Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts

Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts is one of the best sightseeing places in Mcleodganj. Dalai Lame established this institute to preserve and showcase Tibetan arts and culture. You can watch Tibetan artists perform Tibetan dances, folk songs, and martial arts here.

12. Indrahar Pass

Tourists who visit Mcleodganj can go for easy treks like the Indrahar Pass trek. Indrahar Pass is a high-altitude mountain pass that connects Kangra and Chamba. You can watch the spellbinding beauty of the Pir Panjal range and green valleys on this trek. Indrahar Pass trekking trail starts from Mcleodganj and passes Triund and Lahesh Caves.

13. Dalai Lama Temple

In Mcleodganj, Dalai Lama Temple is one of the best and top tourist sightseeing places. This temple is better known as the Tsuglagkhang Temple complex. Dalai Lama stays here in this temple. There are idols of Buddha and other Tibetan spiritual masters. You will see monks chanting prayers in vast halls. There are many small shrines and temples inside the complex. You can shop for gifts and souvenirs from souvenir shops and explore the museum inside.

14. St John in the Wilderness Church

St John in the Wilderness Church is one of the oldest churches in Mcleodganj. The church was built in 1852 and its gothic architecture is a beautiful sight to behold. Saint John’s Church is located in picturesque woods and is a very tranquil place. Lord Elgin, who was a Governor-General and Viceroy of India is buried here in this church. The stained glass windows inside the church are very beautiful and were donated by Lady Elgin.

15. Lake Glacier Trek

Himachal Pradesh is known for its trekking places and one of the most thrilling among them is Lake Glacier Trek. The Lake Glacier Trek trail goes through Mcleodganj and Dharamshala. The trek goes through 26 km of Himachali villages, deodar forests, snowy landscapes, valleys, and panoramic mountain scenery. Lake Glacier Trek is a multi-day trek where you will have to set up camps and stay for the night in open outdoors.

16. Masroor rock-cut temple

On your Mcleodganj sightseeing tour, you must visit Masroor rock-cut temples. These temples are the oldest temple architecture in India. The temple shrines were cut out of monolithic rocks. They were built in the 6th to 8th centuries. The temples are dedicated to Hindu gods like Vishnu, Shiva, Devi, etc. There is the main temple surrounded by smaller temples and shrines. A lake is there near the temple complex.

17. Tibetan Museum

Tibetan Museum is one of the best places in Mcleodganj to know about the history of Mcleodganj. You can also view artifacts about Tibetan culture and the works of the Dalai Lama. You can even gather knowledge about the Chinese invasion of Tibet. The museum has preserved paintings, sculptures, photographs, and documentaries.

18. Norbulingka Institute

Mcleodganj is the best place in Himachal Pradesh to learn about Tibetan culture. Norbulingka Institute showcases Tibetan art, architecture, and paintings to highlight the Tibetan culture. You can go on a guided tour inside where you can watch Tibetan artists making sculptures and paintings. Also stay here and learn from workshops. You can have delicious food inside a café.

19. Naam Art Gallery

Naam Art Gallery is an art gallery in Mcleodganj where you can see oil paintings and watercolor paintings. The artworks of various European artists like Elsbeth Buschman and Alfred W. Hallett are showcased in this art gallery. Naam Art Gallery is a refreshing art gallery where you can have some peace of mind and also watch interesting paintings.

20. Sunset Point

Just like Naddi Viewpoint, Sunset Viewpoint is a beautiful scenic viewpoint in Mcleodganj. Tourists come here to watch scenic sunsets at Sunset Point. Along with a visit to Sunset Point, you can also visit Dal Lake which is very close to Sunset Point. Here you can have snacks and drinks at cafes.

21. Guna Devi Temple

Out of the various sightseeing places in Mcleodganj, Guna Devi Temple is the most famous. Guna Devi is a form of Goddess Kali, and she is the main deity of this temple. Gaddi shepherds have tremendous faith and devotion to Guna Devi. The temple is situated in picturesque surroundings of pine and deodar forests.

22. Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake

Sightseeing places in Mcleodganj include Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake. The lake is an artificial lake and is formed on the Beas River. The lake is best for relaxation and boating. You can do paddle boating, rowing, and canoeing here. The forests and the greenery that surround the lake are beautiful sights.

23. Vipassana Meditation Centre

You can visit Vipassana Meditation Centre in Mcleodganj. Here you can stay and do Vipassana meditation. Here, courses are taught to students who wish to stay here. The residential courses are based on the principles of S N Goenka. The center is situated in scenic landscapes and the forests and mountains provide a scenic backdrop to the institute.

24. Kangra Art Museum

You can visit Kangra Art Museum along with your visit to Mcleodganj. Kangra Art Museum is in Dharamshala and very close to Mcleodganj. At Kangra Art Museum, you can visit exhibits of Tibetan handicrafts and art. The things to watch out for in this museum are Kangra Miniature Paintings, manuscripts, wooden sculptures, ancient coin collections, textiles, archeological objects, etc.

25. Bajreshwari Temple

Bajreshwari Temple is also known as Kangra Devi Mandir and is in Kangra. You can visit this temple on your trip to Mcleodganj. The temple is a temple of goddess Vajreshwari, who is a form of goddess Durga. The temple is famous as one of the 51 Shakti peeth temples. The original temple was built by the Pandavas brothers.

26. Baglamukhi Temple

You can visit some famous temples on your Mcleodganj trip, and one such temple is Baglamukhi Temple. The temple is an important Shakti temple, and Baglamukhi Maa is worshipped here in this temple. Devotees have great faith in Baglamukhi Temple and they also see her as one of the forms of Goddess Parvati.

27. Tushita Meditation Centre

Tushita Meditation Centre is on a hill in Mcleodganj and it conducts various courses in meditation, Buddhism, and traditions of Tibet. The center propagates principles of Mahayana Buddhist practices and traditions. The programs and courses taught here are residential and students can stay here and learn the courses. There are a library and meditation halls to practice meditation. Various events and lectures are held where great Tibetan masters give spiritual lectures.

28. Shri Kalinath Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple

There are many famous temples near Mcleodganj and Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple is also very famous. The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and the most unique thing about this Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple is that the shiv linga is below ground level. The walls have various sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses.

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