Best Time to Visit Ranikhet

Best Time to Visit Ranikhet
What is the best time to visit Ranikhet? If you ask us what is the best time to visit Ranikhet, then we suggest you plan your visit from April to June and from September-end to March. The summer months are best to visit Ranikhet. The temperatures are generally in the range of 25 degrees in the daytime. At night, they can fall to 8 degrees Celsius. The overall weather remains pleasant and ideal for sightseeing. You can do most outdoor activities during the summer months. September to October is also ideal, as days are cooler compared to summer. January is the coldest month when temperatures can fall below zero degrees Celsius.

Ranikhet – the scenic hill station of Kumaon Uttarakhand

The hill station of Ranikhet is very scenic with grand vistas of Kumaon Himalayas. The British in pre-independent India developed Ranikhet as a hill station. One thing that is very famous about Ranikhet is that the Kumaon Regiment and Naga Regiment of the Indian Army are situated here. Ranikhet is also famous for its apple orchards, old British-era churches, and Ranikhet Golf Course. On your trip to Ranikhet, you will also come across orchards of apricots, chestnuts, peaches, and almonds. You can view Nanda Devi mountain peak from Ranikhet. If you are looking for a relaxed getaway into the hills of Kumaon, then you must visit Ranikhet. Having a leisure stroll in the orchards, boating in Rani Jheel, and walking in the old ruins of Katarmal Sun Temple are some things you can do here.

Visiting Ranikhet during the snowfall season

December, January to the beginning of March are the snowfall season in Ranikhet. You will experience snowfall in Ranikhet and indulge in snow-related activities. But winters can get chilly in Ranikhet, hence you must take several woolen clothes. This is also the time when honeymoon couples visit Ranikhet. Temperatures can range from 15 degrees during the daytime to 3 degrees in the night. Trekking routes may get closed due to snowfall, but you can do leisure activities during this time like visiting apple orchards, romantic stroll by the lakes, visiting temples, etc.
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