How many Jyotirlingas are there in Maharashtra?

How many Jyotirlingas are there in Maharashtra?
If you want to know how many Jyotirlinga temples are there in Maharashtra, then the answer might surprise you. Yes, Maharashtra is blessed as it has 5 Jyotirlingas out of the 12 Jyotirlingas. These Jyotirlinga temples are very famous in Maharashtra. Devotees come from all over India to pray and seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the main deity in these temples and he is worshipped as a Shivlinga in these temples. A Shiv linga is a physical manifestation of the divine form of Lord Shiva. A visit to these Jyotirlinga temples is a sacred pilgrimage in itself.

Here is something you should know about the 5 Jyotirlingas in Maharashtra:

  • Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga: Known for its incredible architecture and a source of the Godavari river.
  • Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga: Source of River Bhima. Lord Shiva took the form of Bhima Shankara and his sweat turned into the river Bhima.
  • Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga: Aurangabad: Very close to Ellora Caves. The temple is made out of black stone. Temple even finds mention in the Puranas.
  • Parli Vaijnath Jyotirlinga: Situated in hilly areas. Lord Shiva is worshipped as Vaidyanath, the Lord of Medicine. People are allowed to touch the Shiva linga.
  • Aundha Nagnath Jyotirlinga: Ancient Jyotirlinga temple that dates back to the 13th century. The Shiv Linga is below the ground and devotees have to go down steps to reach it.

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