Places to Visit in Maharashtra

Dubbed as the 'Gateway to the Heart of India', Maharashtra is the third largest state and second most populous state after India. Being near the Western Ghats, it has a beautiful view of the mountains on one side and also the beautiful Konkan Coast on another.

Maharashtra, the land of everything abundant, welcomes you to its broad array of attractions. The Western Ghats’ beautiful Sahyadri ranges of high-mountain ranges, which vanish in the morning mist, and the spread of the Konkan Coast sprawled white shorelines enchant our eyes. There are ruins of olden fortifications and royal palaces in Pune or Ratnagiri to chronicle Maharashtra’s glorious past. Centuries old temples in places like Pandharpur and Ozar still have their own traditions of hospitality for the pilgrims. Like do mini-hill stations of Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, Matheran, which offer a break to city commuters from the busy cities.

There are many cultures that have come together living in the state peacefully and hence the term Maratha culture remains that of the state that has beautifully taken to embrace other cultures in its own. Besides having a historical significance, tradition culture and way of life, this city is very popular because Mumbai — the economic capital is based in here. Bollywood, the Hindi-speaking film industry, also has its roots here – it’s an Entertainment Hub! The mixed up with such different types of a things that this state is offering you that visit here will indeed be very rewarding.