Gangotri Sightseeing

Gangotri Sightseeing

The holy Gangotri shrine has much more to offer than just spiritual peace. Recently, Gangotri sightseeing has acquired great popularity due to its scenic mountain views and bountiful nature. After visiting the Gangotri Dham and witnessing the main temple of Gangotri and the Gangotri Shrine, you can head out to explore the sightseeing in Gangotri.

Below are the amazing places close to Gangotri which constitute most of the part in the list of Gangotri Sightseeing. These places are located within a few kilometers of the Gangotri shrine, which makes it easy for the pilgrims to visit, either by trekking or by availing transports.


Located 43 kilometers away from the Uttarkashi district, it is a small town which caters to the pilgrims who want to seek some mental peace through meditation. Or, if you are a nature lover, you would love to rest in the lap of nature and seek comfort in the thermal water springs. The thermal water spring is consider to be very holy and pilgrims often take dips in it, before visiting the nearby temple, dedicated to the sage Parasara.


Harsil is locate at a distance of 25.1 kilometers from the gangotri dham and serves as home to the Bhotia tribes. The region is populated with water streams of the Bhagirathi river, thick deodar forests, serene atmosphere, chirping sounds of the birds and fresh air. Apart from catering to the gangotri pilgrimage option, it serves the purpose of the village tourism and trekking too.

Surya Kund Gangotri

The distance from the temple of gangotri to surya kund gangotri is about 0.1 kilometers which is just a few steps away. It is consider to be a holy waterfall and is consider to be bestowed with the blessings of Lord Surya. It is locate just opposite the gauri kund gangotri, another mesmerizing attraction. The sight of water falling from the height of Bhagirathi River is spectacular and can be witness closely by crossing the bridge in the middle.

Gangotri Glacier and Gaumukh

Being one of the largest glaciers and primary source of Ganga in the Himalayas, the gangotri glacier remains flocked with pilgrims due to religious facts. It is believed that the place is bestowed with the blessings of Goddess Ganga. Just a few steps away from it is the gangotri gomukh, which is considered as the source of the river Ganges. Both these places serve as a great trekking destination for the adventure freaks.


Situated at a height of 3,775 meters, gangotri bhojbasa possess scenic beauty amidst the rugged terrain. Located at a distance of 14 kilometers, it can be reached only by the trek from gangotri. It offers captivating views of the Bhagirathi peaks which are 6,856 meters high. Temporary resting places are also available here for the flexibility of the trekkers.


Bhaironghati, also known as, Bhairav Ghati is located near the meeting point of Bhagirathi river and Jat Ganga. It marks a settlement in the Uttarkashi district which is wrapped in the dense forest and lush green nature. The popular attraction here is, the Bhairav Nath temple gangotri which is considered to be very sacred due to the religious history regarding Lord Shiva. One can also visit the Jahnavi river which is located nearby, at a walking distance from Bhaironghati.

Jalmagna Shivlinga

Jalmagna Shivlinga is one of the magnificent sites that behold the supreme power of god. As per the sources, Lord Shiva sat on this place to lock Ganga in his hairs. You can view the Jalmagna Shivling in the winter season when the water level goes down.


Dharali village is a picturesque location on the banks of River Ganges. It is famous for Rajma cultivation and its apple orchards.


Tapovan is a beautiful meadow that is locate at an altitude of 4460mts above sea level. You can watch the beautiful flowers on this meadow and can also watch the surroundings peaks and ranges after climbing on this meadow.

Vishwanath Temple

It is one of the renowned temples in Uttrakashi that holds a detail description in Kedar Khanda and Skanda Puran. The temple is Lord Vishwanath. In this temple, the Shivling placed carries the size of 60cm length and 90 cm circumference.