Gauri Kund

Gauri kund

Gauri Kund is one of the places that you will visit when you go on the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. It is a small lake that looks very beautiful because of its emerald blue color. Gauri Kund is deeply connected with Hindu mythology and there are so many legendary stories associated with Gauri Kund. Anyone who goes to Kailash Mansarovar Yatra visits Gauri Kund. This famous lake is one of the many lakes near Mount Kailash. It can also be called a small pond, as it is not much large as the other lakes near Mount Kailash.

Meaning of Gauri Kund

The name of Gauri Kund itself is so sacred. There is divine meaning in its name. Gauri is the other name of Parvati. Kund means a small pond. Thus, the meaning of Gauri Kund is ‘The Pond of Gauri’.

Other Names for Gauri Kund

The other name of Gauri Kund is Parvati Sarovar.

The Altitude of Gauri Kund

Gauri Kund is situated at a height of 18,471 feet or 5,630 meters. It is located below Dolma La Pass, which is a high-altitude mountain pass near Mount Kailash. Devotees who cross the Dolma La Pass can see Gauri Kund from a distance.

The Mythological Story of Lord Shiva and the Beheading of Ganesha

The story from Shiv Purana is famous as it tells of how Lord Shiva beheaded his son. It so happened that once when Lord Shiva was away Devi Parvati went to bathe in a sacred kund which is now called Gauri Kund. To guard against intruders, she created an idol from the soap lather from her body. She then placed this idol near the gates of the pond and went to bathe. But before going, she breathed life into the idol and the idol became her son, Ganesha. She instructed Ganesha to guard the door and stop anyone from entering. Lord Shiva came to the place after some time. Seeing this, Ganesha immediately stopped him from entering the place. Lord Shiva did not know that the person who was guarding the place was none other than his son, Ganesha. Angered by the person, Lord Shiva cut off the head of his son. When Goddess Parvati came to know of how Lord Shiva had cut off their son’s head out of ignorance, she pleaded to Lord Shiva to bring back her son’s head. Lord Shiva saw an elephant roaming in a forest, cut off his head, and placed it in place of his son’s head. Thus Lord Ganesha was born with an elephant’s head. The entire story takes place at Gauri Kund.

Birthplace of Lord Ganesha

According to Hindu scriptures, Gauri Kund is the exact place where Goddess Parvati came to bathe every day. Lord Ganesha was born at Gauri Kund.

Is it Safe to Drink Water from Gauri Kund or Take a Dip in Gauri Kund?

No. Bathing or drinking water from Gauri Kund is not safe. It is a sacred pond and authorities have prohibited anyone from drinking water or taking a holy dip in Gauri Kund.

How to Reach Gauri Kund?

Gauri Kund lies on the circumambulation path of Mount Kailash. During your Mount Kailash Parikrama, you will reach Dolma La Pass. After you have come down the pass, you will see Gauri Kund in front of you. You can take the help of yaks or ponies to reach Gauri Kund.

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