Places to Visit in Chakrata

Places to Visit in Chakrata

Places to Visit in Chakrata

The hill station of Chakrata is close to Dehradun. Deodar and pine forests, cascading waterfalls, ancient temples, and magnificent Himalayan mountain ranges make Chakrata one of the most beautiful hill stations in Uttarakhand. There are many sightseeing places in Chakrata that are scenic, relaxing, and adventurous. There is everything to do here, from trekking to nature walks and river rafting.

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1. Chilmiri Neck

Chilmiri Neck is the highest vantage point in Chakrata from where you can have clear and panoramic views of Bandarpoonch, Rohini, and Swarg peaks. Dense forests surround Chilmiri Neck from all sides, and it is like a flat land, situated on top of a hill. You can spot many migratory birds and butterflies here.

2. Deoban

It is one of the best places in Chakrata. Deoban means ‘God’s forest’. You can see scintillating Himalayan peaks of Vyas Shikhar from Deoban. Deoban is surrounded by pine forests and is home to many colorful birds like woodpeckers, blackbirds, tits, etc. Deoban has many forest trails where you can go for treks and camping.

3. Yamuna Adventure Park

One of the most adventurous things to do in Chakrata is in Yamuna Adventure Park. Here you can do river rafting, camping, trekking, swimming, river crossing, and many other activities. There are many stay options here for accommodation. Tourists who love adventure can have a great time at Yamuna Adventure Park.

4. Ram Tal Horticultural Garden

Ram Tal Horticultural Garden is a very popular sightseeing spot in Chakrata. There is lots of greenery in this park, and there are a huge variety of flowers, creepers, lichen, coniferous trees, and apple orchards in this garden. Besides this, you can spot birds like jays, tits, and woodpeckers here. There is an apple orchard and a small lake where you can relax in the greenery and watch the natural beauty.

5. Tiger Falls

Tiger Falls is the highest waterfall in Chakrata. This waterfall is 312 ft high and dense deodar forests and lush greenery make this one of the beautiful places in Chakrata. You can spot some birds here, or come for a picnic here. Tiger Falls is very scenic and is one of the best places to visit in Chakrata.

6. Koti-Kanasar

Koti-Kanasar is a place of very scenic beauty in Chakrata. There are tall deodar forests here and magnificent meadows. The forest has one of the tallest and oldest deodar trees in the whole of Asia. Koti-Kanasar is best for trekking and you can trek to Budher Gufa and Deoban from Koti-Kanasar. There is a forest rest-house from where you can see the spectacular landscapes of Chakrata.

7. Hathni Kund

Hathni Kund is one of the adventurous spots in Chakrata. This is a reservoir built on the Yamuna River and you can do a variety of water sports like rafting, boating, surfing. Besides this, you can also camp and spot Himalayan birds.

8. Kimona Falls

Kimona Falls is close to Chakrata and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Chakrata. Water falls from a height of 35 meters and tourists can enjoy rappelling down this waterfall. There are dense oak and deodar forests that surround this waterfall.

9. Budher Caves

Budher Caves is one of the most popular and famous tourist places in Chakrata. The caves are 150 km in length and no one has explored the caves fully. Budher Caves are also called Miola Caves as a German called Miola had actually discovered these caves. There are stalagmite and stalactite formations inside the caves. Locals believe that Pandavas made these caves during Mahabharata times.

10. Lakhmandal

Lakhmandal is one of the best places you can visit near Chakrata. It is a famous Shiva temple complex where there are small and large temples. Lakhmandal is a temple complex where Kauravas made the palace called ‘lakshagrah’ to kill the Pandavas. Lakhmandal temple has majestic architecture and is one of the ancient temples in Uttarakhand.

11. Mundali

Tourists can visit Mundali, which is near Chakrata, and do so many joyful activities. Dense deodar forests and lush green meadows make Mundali a very scenic place to visit in Chakrata. During summer you can trek to many places and during winter you can learn winter skiing.

12. Moigad Fall

Moigad Fall is a scenic waterfall that you can visit in Chakrata. The best thing about Moigad Fall is that you can bathe under the waterfall and have a fun time. Moigad Fall is 50 meters high and dense forests and picturesque landscapes make this one of the very beautiful waterfalls in Chakrata.

13. Chinta Haran Mahadev Temple

Chinta Haran Mahadev Temple is a Shiva temple in Chakrata. This temple is located in very scenic surroundings of deodar forests. You can spend some time here in peaceful environs and experience the natural beauty of Chakrata.

14. Mahasu Devta Temple

Mahasu Devta Temple is one of the best attractions you can visit near Chakrata. The temple is very famous and a Brahman called Huna Bhatt built this temple during the 9th century. Mahasu Devta is the main deity of this temple and he is the God of Justice. The scenic Tons River flows near this temple and makes it very picturesque temples in Uttarakhand. The temple has a famous mythological legend behind it, which further makes this one of the famous temples to visit in Chakrata.

15. Thana Danda Peak

Thana Danda Peak is one of the many sightseeing places you can visit in Chakrata. It is still unexplored but is very scenic nevertheless. This peak gives the best views of farmlands, villages, hills, mountains of Chakrata. This is the best place for trekkers who want to explore Chakrata.

16. Kalsi

Kalsi is a small town near Chakrata which is famous for its ancient rock inscriptions of Emperor Ashoka. The inscriptions are made on rocks and are more than 2000 years old. After all these centuries, you can still see these inscriptions which are very well preserved. Kalsi is located near the intersection of the Yamuna and Tons rivers and is a very green place with many meadows and forests.

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