Places to Visit in Patnitop

Places to Visit in Patnitop

Patnitop is closer to Jammu, and this is a hill station that is famous for its scenic beauty. Patnitop is full of the picturesque beauty of pine forests, lakes, rolling meadows, towering mountain peaks, and green valleys. Chenab river flows near Patnitop and the valleys are popular sightseeing spots. Patnitop is a favorite adventure destination and you can do so many thrilling activities here. To enjoy sightseeing in Patnitop, you can explore any of our Jammu Kashmir tour packages.

1. Nathatop

Nathatop is one of the best places in Patnitop if you want to do adventure activities. You can reach Nathatop on a short trek from Patnitop. During winters it snows heavily here. You can do skiing, trekking, archery, paragliding, rock climbing, and such thrilling activities here at Nathatop. Nathatop also offers stunning views of the mountains of the Western Himalayan region. You will enjoy the street food delicacies that are offered here.

2. Naag Mandir

You can visit Nag Mandir or the Cobra Temple in Patnitop. This temple is very old and was built somewhere around 600 years ago. The temple has a wooden construction. The main deity of this temple is the snake god or Nag Devta, as he is known locally. During winters there is heavy snow here and you can spend some time here at this temple during your trip to Patnitop. Nag Panchami celebration in this temple is a very festive event.

3. Billoo Ki Powri

One of the most unique and interesting places to visit in Patnitop is Billoo ki Powri. This place has around 270 steps that are carved out of rock. This is a staircase that connects a place called Dawariyai. The steps were carved on the orders of a king of Chennai, and no one knows the exact year. However, the steps are carved with great precision and show the remarkable craftsmanship of those skilled artisans who created this unique marvel.

4. Sky Viewpoint

The Skyview Ropeway in Patnitop is one of the highest gondola rides in India. Skyview operates the ropeway and a one-way ride takes 20 minutes. The gondola ride is one of the biggest attractions in Patnitop. It offers panoramic views of the valleys, snow-clad mountains, and forests. Besides this, you can also go for zip lining tours, hiking, camping, and tube sleighing.

5. Sankhpal Mandir

Sankhpal Temple is a very old Hindu temple that is built on top of a hill. This is the only temple that is on the hill and it is a very scenic sight. Sankhpal Temple can be reached by trekking from Sanasar Village. The temple is believed to have been built around 400 years ago. The trek is very interesting and takes 3-4 hours to reach the temple.

6. Patnitop Park

Patnitop Park is a very beautiful park where kids and adults can do so many activities. The green environs of the park attract tourists who come to Patnitop. You can do horse riding, bike rides, and hiking. The scenic mountains, forests, trees, valleys, and greenery of Patnitop Park is very charming. There is a lake inside the park where kids can enjoy a boat ride. There is a temple and tulip garden inside. You can find many food shops where you can have light snacks and refreshments.

7. Kud Park

Kud Park is one of the most beautiful sightseeing places in Patnitop. This is a park that is surrounded by greenery and colorful flowers. Kud Park is a very relaxing and pleasant place where you can spend some time in peace and tranquillity. Here you can taste a unique sweet called ‘patisa’. Kud Park is like a picnic place where you can sit on the green grass or have a quiet stroll in the greenery.

8. Madhatop

Madhatop is one of the thrilling places that you can visit in Patnitop. Tourists come here to do paragliding, horse riding, skiing, and trekking. The views of the Chenab river from Madhatop are truly mesmerizing. During winters, snow covers most of this place, and skiing during this time is very exciting. Madhatop is just 5 km from Patnitop, so you can come here on a short trek.

9. Shiva Garh

Shiva Garh is a place near Patnitop where you can go for one-day picnics. It is perfect for an adventurous trek. Shiva Garh is a place of lush green pine forests and you can go trekking to many places in the mountains nearby. Shiva Garh is 11 km from Patnitop. The treks will reveal the natural beauty of lakes, glaciers, river streams, and mountains and valleys.

10. Sanasar Lake

Sanasar Lake in Patnitop is two lakes named Sana and Sar. It is one of the beautiful lakes in Patnitop that you can visit. The tranquil lake waters reflect the pine trees around the lake and the greenery of the mountains. Sanasar Lake is a perfect place for boat rides, horse riding, and trekking. You can also do ziplining and paragliding here. You can also reach Sanasar Lake after a short trek from Patnitop. Sanasar Lake is so beautiful that you can spend 4-5 hours here just admiring the natural beauty of the place.

11. Baglihar Dam

Baglihar Dam is one of the best places for sightseeing in Patnitop. This is a dam that is built on the Chenab river which flows near Patnitop. Baglihar Dam is surrounded by the most picturesque locales. There are pine forests nearby and the mountains in the distance add scenic beauty of raw nature. The scenic mountains and the dam waters make this place full of natural beauty.

12. Sudh Mahadev Temple

Sudh Mahadev Temple is a very old Shiva temple that you can visit in Patnitop. This temple was built centuries ago, and it is believed that it was at this place that Lord Shiva killed a demon with his Trishul or trident. Sudh Mahadev Temple is surrounded by scenic mountains. There is a natural spring called Nashni Bowli, where you can take a holy bath and get refreshed. Devotees celebrate Arshad Purnima Festival here with dance and music.

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