Places to Visit in Sonmarg

Sonmarg means “meadow of gold” in Kashmiri language. This is so because Sonmarg is surrounded by towering mountain peaks. These mountains get illuminated with a golden glow during sunrise and sunsets. Hence the name Sonmarg. Sonmarg is a place of surreal beauty and charm. The icy glaciers on the mountains give birth to innumerable rivers and streams that flow through Sonmarg. There are many lakes in Sonmarg with clear blue waters and plenty of fishes. The alpine meadows have lush green grass, and local villagers come here to graze their cattle. Sonmarg is a trekker’s delight and a place of adventurous activities. There are many places in Sonmarg which are a must visit. Sonmarg is a major tourist attraction in our Kashmir tour packages. When you go on a trip to Kashmir, you must include Sonmarg in your Kashmir tour itinerary.

1. Zoji La Pass

Zoji La Pass translates to “mountain pass of blizzards” in local language. It is one of the most dangerous mountain passes in Kashmir. Heavy snowfall and avalanches are very common at this place. Zoji La Pass is a high altitude mountain pass that connects Kashmir to Ladakh region. The pass is covered with snow for most times of the year. But Zoji La Pass also offers the most scenic views of deep valleys and towering mountains. You will need the services of an expert driver who can drive in the toughest mountain conditions at Zoji La Pass.

2. Thajiwas Glacier

Thajiwas Glacier is one of the biggest glaciers in Sonmarg. The glacier is frozen for most times of the year. But the landscapes that you get to see while visiting the glacier is simply breathtaking. There are lakes and meadows near the glacier, and tribal kids can be seen grazing their horses on the lush grass. Waterfalls cascade down the mountains and small streams flow through the alpine forests. The entire landscape of Thajiwas Glacier is one that will remain forever in your memories. Thajiwas Glacier is 3 km from Sonmarg and you will have to trek up to Snow Point from where you can view the actual glacier. You can also ride a pony to reach Thajiwas Glacier.

3. Vishansar Lake

Vishansar Lake is a high-altitude alpine lake in Sonmarg. It is also famously called as Lake of Vishnu. The beauty of Vishansar Lake lies in its location. Lofty snow-capped mountains surround this lake and glaciers and streams flow into the lake. Vishansar Lake is full of trout fish. During summer, you can view lush green meadows near the lake. Colorful wild flowers grow in these meadows and add to the scenic beauty of Vishansar Lake. Vishansar Lake trek is a long trek that can take 4 days. You can camp overnight at Sonmarg or near the lake.

4. Baltal Valley

Baltal is a valley near Sonmarg which is also the base for Amarnath Yatra. It is basically a place where pilgrims to Amarnath Yatra set up camps and stay overnight. The river Sindh flows through Baltal Valley. The valley is surrounded by tall mountains. The scenic valley is one of the beautiful places that you can visit in Sonmarg.

5. Satsar Lake

Satsar Lake is an alpine lake that you can visit near Sonmarg. It is full of trout fish and you can come here for angling and fishing. Satsar Lake is actually a group of seven lakes. The lake is very scenic and lush green meadows surround the lake during summer. Snow covers these meadows during winters. Satsar Lake is a base for many treks in Kashmir. You can camp here near the lake.

6. Krishansar Lake

Sonmarg and its surrounding regions are full of lakes like Krishansar Lake. Krishansar Lake is named after Lord Krishna. Krishansar Lake is located in scenic landscapes of lofty snow-capped mountain peaks. The green meadows near the lake lend greenery to this beautiful lake.

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