Badrinath Weather

Badrinath Weather Update

Badrinath Weather Update

As known to all, Badrinath Dham is located in the hilly area of Chamoli District in Uttrakhand. The temple is dedicated to Hindu God named Lord Vishnu, which is positioned between two mountains called Nar and Narayan. Also known as Vishal Badri, Badrinath is a part of Panch Badri with others named as Yogdhan Badri, Bhavishya Badri, Vridha Badri and Adi Badri. These are known to be sacred abodes of Lord Vishnu.

Being a hill station, it is quite clear that the temperature of this place is cold throughout the year. Though, the temperature in summer season is not too cold and travelling to Badrinath in summer season is the best place. Definitely known, the winter season can be troubling for old people to travel to Badrinath. Moreover, the place is closed for visitors in the prime winter season.

Chardham Packages

Taking note of the peak season to visit Badrinath Dham, it falls in the months of May and June. In fact, one can find excessive crown in these months. This calls for making all the necessary bookings well in advance. Be it hotels, special pooja or accessing the temple premises, every booking should be done beforehand to avoid chaotic conditions for the devotees. In the year 2021, the temple doors are set to open for general pulic on 10th May and is set to close on the occasion of Bhaiya Dooj.

Current Badrinath Weather Forecast


Monthwise Badrinath Weather Details

March to June Months:

Talking about the varied temperature conditions in Badrinath, March to June are considered to be quite pleasant. Though, you need to check the opening dates of Badrinath temple well in advance. In this season, one can experience moderate climate with pleasant atmosphere and an average day temperature of about 16 to 18 degrees. Indeed, the night temperature may go down to 5 or 6 degrees, making the nights colder.

Certainly known, the devotees can surely enjoy the heavely Badri-Kedar Festival in the month of June. This festival takes place for 8 days in June with traditional artists across the country coming here to perform their work of art. In fact, the devotees can experience utmost solidarity and peaceful environment in the festival.

July to October Months:

Well, the time frame between July to October calls for mild rainfall in Badrinath. This makes the day temperature fall down to 14 of 15 degrees and night ones to be slightly chillier than the month of June. People willing to travel to Badrinath Dham in this season have to bring heavy woollens and umbrellas to avoid trouble in accessing the place.

November to February Months:

Considering the months of November, December, January and February, the temperature of Badrinath falls down extensively, making it difficult for the travellers to reach here. Certainly, the day temperature falls down to 5 degree and the night ones below zero. Travelling to Badrinath in these months is not recommended as the temple is closed for visitors because of heavy snowfall and road blocks.

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