Best Time to Visit Chintpurni

Best Time to Visit Chintpurni
What is the best time to visit Chintpurni? The best time to visit Chintpurni Temple would be March to June and September to October. Although the temple is open throughout the year, the weather during these periods remains pleasant. Navratri also falls from September to October, so it is a great time to visit the temple. You can enjoy the festive vibes in the temple and take part in the Navratri celebrations. You can also plan your visit during July August, September-October, and March to April. The temple celebrates Navratra and fairs are organized to celebrate this festival.

Chintpurni – one of the Shakti Peeth temples

The Chintpurni Temple is a major Shakti Peeth. It is situated in Chintpurni town, which is located near the Punjab border. The deity of this temple is Goddess Chintpurni, who is also called Chhinnamastika Devi. The name is Chhinnamastika means ‘the one with the severed head’ or the ‘foreheaded one’. According to popular beliefs, the forehead of Sati Devi fell here. Mythological legends say that in a fierce battle, goddess Chandi killed the demons. But two of her incarnations, Jaya and Vijaya, were thirsty for more blood. So the goddess Chandi severed her head to satisfy that thirst. She is shown with her hand holding her head and blood is flowing out of her neck.

Tips on visiting Chintpurni Temple

If you are visiting the temple during peak tourist season, or the Navratri festival, visit the temple in the early morning hours. You will not have to face the huge crowds of pilgrims that rise as the day progresses. Late evening time is also best as most of the pilgrims have visited the temple during the morning and afternoon times. Always keep yourself updated on the latest news about the weather and timings of darshan at the temple. You can view scenic sunset and sunrise views from the temple. You can visit during weekdays as you can then avoid the weekend rush of devotees at the temple.
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