Best Time to Visit Manimahesh Kailash

Best Time to Visit Manimahesh Kailash

What is the best time to visit Manimahesh Kailash?

The best time to visit Manimahesh Kailash is from April to September. But the official yatra opens in August and September. This is the time when tourists make a trek up to Manimahesh Lake and take a holy dip in the lake.

No one has ever climbed Manimahesh Kailash but you can make Manimahesh Parikrama and Manimahesh Yatra by Helicopter.

This is a multi-day trek and demands peak physical fitness. You can avoid the monsoons for Manimahesh Kailash and go only when the tourist season of August starts.

Manimahesh Kailash – one of the sacred Panch Kailash

The mountain which is famous as Manimahesh Kailash is part of a sacred pilgrimage yatra route called Panch Kailash Yatra. This mountain is in Chamba town of Himachal Pradesh, and therefore many people also call this Chamba Kailash.

According to legends, Lord Shiva resides here on top of the mountain. There is a Shiv linga on top of the mountain peak and this is the physical representation of Lord Shiva and his presence.

There are lakes like Gauri Kund and Manimahesh Lake around the mountain. It is believed that only women can bathe in Gauri Kund.

Manimahesh Kailash Trek Route

  • Day 1: Bharmour > Brahmani Temple – 6 km trek by foot
  • Day 2: Bharmour to Hadsar by jeep – 13 km, Hadsar to Dhancho – 7 km trek
  • Day 3: Dhancho to Manimahesh Lake and return to Dhancho – 14 km trek on foot
  • Day 4: Dhancho to Hadsar trek – 7 km, Hadsar to Bharmour – 13 km drive by jeep

Manimahesh Kailash Trek Info

You can only go up to Manimahesh Lake and view Manimahesh Kailash from the lake. Bharmour is the base from which you can start your Manimahesh Kailash Yatra.

From Bharmour you can do a trek up to Brahmani Temple, which is 6 km, and then arrive back to Bharmour. You will now go by jeep from Bharmour to Hadsar. Now we will trek from Hadsar to Dhancho, which is a 7 km route. You will come across lush green forests, waterfalls, valleys, and Himalayan landscapes during this trek.

Now set up camp in Dhancho for the night and prepare for another day of trekking. Dhancho to Manimahesh Lake and back is a 14 km round trek route. The trek route is a bit steep with some difficult patches and rocky terrain.

You will pass through Gauri Kund, and you can take a holy dip in the sacred lake. Manimahesh Lake is just 1 km from Gauri Kund and this is the end of the trek.

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