Can we visit Himachal Pradesh without vaccinations?

Can we visit Himachal Pradesh without vaccinations?

Himachal Pradesh has once again opened its door to tourists. But due to the constant threat of COVID-19 looming over the state of Himachal Pradesh, tourists will have to follow travel guidelines if they want to Himachal Pradesh Tour. If they are not fully vaccinated, they cannot visit Himachal Pradesh. As per the latest updated travel guidelines, the Himachal Pradesh government has issued a list of mandatory guidelines which every traveler should follow.

Travel guidelines for tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh

  • Complete vaccination report (both doses) is mandatory to enter Himachal Pradesh
  • If tourists are not fully vaccinated, they should bring a negative RT-PCR test report, not older than 72 hours, or RAT (Rapid Antigen Test) negative report not older than 24 hours. All these reports are mandatory for all tourists irrespective of their state of origin.
  • It is also mandatory for tourists to download the Aarogya Setu app on their mobile phones.
  • If tourists are fully vaccinated then they should produce their negative Covid-19 certificate. They can enter Himachal Pradesh without the RT-PCR test.
  • Tourists should follow all COVID-19 appropriate behavior.
  • Tourists should always maintain social distancing and avoid going to crowded places.
  • Always wear a mask to protect themselves and others from getting infected with Coronavirus.

Mandatory guidelines for travelers in Himachal Pradesh

  • There is a ‘No Mask No Darshan’ policy in all Himachal Pradesh temples. So, wearing a mask is mandatory when visiting temples in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Children, who are below 18 years, and are visiting Himachal Pradesh with their parents, and both parents are fully vaccinated with double doses or carrying RT-PCT negative reports are exempted.
  • All documents will be verified at the time of entry into Himachal Pradesh. Tourists need to attach these documents (Covid-19).
  • Persons carrying fraudulent Covid-19 reports will be penalized as per the law.
  • Travelers from any state can visit Himachal Pradesh.