Complete Manimahesh Yatra Travel Guide

Complete Manimahesh Yatra Travel Guide

There is so much in the world that we have not seen, there is so much about which we do not know. The answer to all these questions is stroller. The wandering person is not afraid of anything, he is afraid only of staying at some place. It is said that life is too short, so why not live it roaming around? If you want to give meaning to your life, then start walking. While roaming like this, you find a place of unmatched beauty. After reaching where it seems that why did we not come here earlier? There are many places of natural beauty in Himachal Pradesh. There is one such place on the land of Himachal Pradesh, Manimahesh.

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Manimahesh Kailash mountain is such a mountain that no one has been able to climb till date. People who conquer Mount Everest are not able to complete this mountain. This Manimahesh Kailash mountain has many beautiful places which are worth visiting. One of them is Manimahesh Lake, which makes the beauty of this place like a paradise. How limitless is beauty? You will understand this by coming to Manimahesh of Himachal. Every stroller and adventure lover must visit this place.

Manimahesh Yatra

Mani Mahesh comes in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh and is just a few kilometers away from Bharmour. Located at an altitude of 4,080 meters above sea level, Manimahesh is surrounded by the Pir Panjal hills. There is a lake here which is also known as Dal Lake. It is said that Lord Shiva created this lake after marrying Goddess Parvati. There are many such legends about the lake. This place is said to be the home of Lord Shiva. Once a year a fair is held near the lake. Nearby people participate in this fair.

Manimahesh Yatra is also known as second Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. To reach here, one has to reach Bharmour from Chamba. Buses will be easily available from Chamba to Bharmour. Manimahesh journey starts from Bharmour. For this you have to cover 13 kms. Will have to do a long trek. Mani Mahesh Trek is one of the most beautiful trek in Himachal.

Mani Mahesh Kailash

The distance from Bharmour to Hadsar is 20 km. is. One can reach here by taxi. This trek will start from Hudsar itself. First one km. Till then this trek will be easy. After that your mind will start climbing air. After this your money will reach. Situated at an altitude of 2,280 meters above sea level, the view of the valley from this place will make your heart happy.

After this you will find Kamal Kund on the way and then you will come to Gauri Kund. About 1 km from Gauri Kund. At a distance is Manimahesh Lake. You will get tired in reaching here, but the views here will give you the spirit to move forward. You can stay here for few hours after reaching the lake. After which you can return. You will not find such views anywhere else.

Manimahesh Lake

The main attraction of Manimahesh Yatra is the lake here. There are many stories about this lake situated on the Manimahesh mountain. It is said that Lord Shiva created this lake after marrying Parvati. This lake is divided into two parts. One part is called Shiv Katori and the other part is called Gauri Kund. Shiva Katori is the bathing place of Lord Shiva and Gauri Kund is the bathing place of Goddess Parvati. It is very beautiful surrounded by mountains from all sides. When the moon descends into the lake at night, this place becomes even more beautiful.

Hudsar Waterfall

From where Manimahesh's journey begins, there is a waterfall, Hudsar Falls. Seeing the waterfall between the mountains is a different feeling in itself. You would like to stay for some time and see this place with a glance. You will also get to see Dhancho Waterfall in Mani Mahesh's journey. Such eyes add to the beauty of nature.

How to Reach

By Flight: If you are planning to go to Manimahesh by flight then the nearest Gaggal is Kangra Airport. Bharmour from Gaggal is about 175 kms. Is at a distance of. You can easily reach Bharmour by bus or taxi.

By Train: The nearest train from Manimahesh is Pathankot Railway Station. The distance from Pathankot to Bharmour is about 160 km. is. You can reach Bharmour by bus or taxi. After that you will reach Manimahesh comfortably.

Via Road: By road, Manimahesh will be easily reached. Buses keep running from Pathankot, Dharamshala, Dalhousie to Bharmour. Apart from this, you can also reach Bharmour by your own car. After that you have to cover 13 kms to reach Manimahesh. Will have to trek.

Manimahesh Yatra by Helicopter

If you do not want to do the long trek to Manimahesh then you can go by helicopter. You will reach Gauri Kund from Bharmour by helicopter. After that you have to travel only 1 km. Will have to trek. Its reservation is done in Bharmour and Chamba. Helicopter fare starts from Rs. 8000.

Best Time to Visit

Manimahesh is one of the coldest places in Himachal Pradesh. It snows throughout the year except for a few months. Because of this the road is closed so you can come to explore this place in the same months. June to October will be the right time to visit Mani Mahesh. After this, you will not find anything here except snow. During the trek, I will stay at the camp. Apart from this there are many places to stay in Bharmour. Every wanderer must visit Manimahesh.


  • Carry warm clothes, food and water with you. You will not find anything near the lake.
  • Carry all the essentials you need to carry during the trek as anything can happen at any time.
  • Don't get carried away by your companions during the trek.
  • Keep the camera fully charged because photos are amazing in such places.