Panch Kailash Yatra – A Sojourn to the Sacred Abodes of Shiva

Panch Kailash Yatra – A Sojourn to the Sacred Abodes of Shiva

Visiting Mount Kailash is the dream of every Hindu. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is so holy that tourists visit the Tibetan Himalayas just to get a glimpse of the towering icy mountain peak that is famous as Mount Kailash. Along with Mount Kailash, tourists visit the alpine lake called Lake Mansarovar too and so many other places here. But Mount Kailash in Tibet is not the only Kailash mountain peak. There are many Kailash mountain peaks in India too. And all these are abodes of Lord Shiva. They are as holy as Mount Kailash, which is in Tibet. You will get the same thrill and same divine bliss as you would get by going on Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

The Five Kailash Peaks Called Panch Kailash

There is a total of five Kailash mountain peaks and all are in the high Himalayas. Mount Kailash in Tibet is just one of those sacred mountains. The others are in India and the states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. All these peaks are considered to be the sacred abodes of Lord Shiva. Hindus have tremendous faith and view these mountains as the home where Lord Shiva resides with Goddess Parvati. These mountain peaks can be reached via trekking. These Kailash mountains along with Mount Kailash in Tibet form the Panch Kailash. ‘Panch’ means five in the Hindi language.

Mount Kailash (Tibet, China)

When people speak of Mount Kailash, they generally refer to the famous mountain peak in Tibet. Mount Kailash is the most famous of the Panch Kailash peaks. Mount Kailash in Tibet is the original Kailash. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is the most sacred of Hindu pilgrimages. It is so sacred that devotees and tourists speak of divine bliss and magical experience when they reach and pray at Mansarovar Lake, which is near Mount Kailash. Mansarovar Lake is one of the world’s highest freshwater lakes. The high Himalayan region of Tibet cannot be described in words. Mount Kailash is sacred not only for Hindus. Bon religion, Buddhists, and Jains revere this mountain as the center of the universe. Pilgrims either choose the route from India or the route through Nepal to reach Mount Kailash.

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Adi Kailash (Uttarakhand, India)

Adi Kailash is in Uttarakhand in India and is very close to the Indo-Tibetan border. It is also called Chhota Kailash. Adi Kailash Trek is one of the famous treks in Uttarakhand. The trek goes through beautiful valleys, mighty rivers like Kali, and small Kumaoni hamlets. You can see and experience the very best of Uttarakhand on this trek. Places like Narayan Ashram are on the trek route. Gauri Kund is a sacred lake at the foot of Adi Kailash. There are other ponds like Parvati Sarovar which are also very holy. But the most famous mountain peak that you can see on this route is the Annapurna peak, which is among the highest mountains in the world.

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Kinnaur Kailash (Himachal Pradesh, India)

Kinnaur Kailash is in Himachal Pradesh and the word ‘Kinnar’ actually means the demigods of Hindu mythology. It is famous for its giant rock pillar which is considered to be a shiv linga. The parikrama of Kinnaur Kailash is done by devotees. The trek route to Kinnaur Kailash goes through apple orchards, and small villages, and offers magnificent views of the surrounding mountains of Zanskar and Dhauladhar ranges. Kinnaur Kailash is a very sacred mountain peak for Hindus and Buddhists.

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Srikhand Kailash (Himachal Pradesh, India)

Srikhand Mahadev is one of the Panch Kailash and it is in Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh. This trek is considered very tough due to the mountainous terrain. The shiv linga here is a huge rock that towers high from the surrounding glacier. Heavy snow falls here and the trek route is closed during this period. The trek goes through steep mountain slopes and valleys. There are many places on this route that offer campsites for overnight stays.

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Manimahesh Kailash (Himachal Pradesh, India)

Manimahesh Kailash peak is in Chamba valley in Himachal Pradesh. It is this reason why it is also called Chamba Kailash. Manimahesh Kailash is one of the major pilgrimage places in Himachal Pradesh. The Manimahesh Kailash Trek is thrilling in Himachal Pradesh. Manimahesh Lake is at the base of the Manimahesh Kailash Mountain. Manimahesh Kailash Peak on the top of the mountain is considered to be the form of Lord Shiva. No one has climbed Manimahesh Kailash's peak up till now. There are so many legends associated with this peak.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q - How many Kailash peaks are there?

There are five Kailash mountain peaks and all are sacred pilgrimage sites.

Q - Is Mount Kailash in India or China?

Mount Kailash is in the Tibetan region of China.

Q - Can we climb or touch Mount Kailash peak?

Mount Kailash is a very sacred peak. No one has ever climbed it as people say that there are some mysterious divine energies on Mount Kailash.

Q - Is the helicopter allowed to land on Mount Kailash?

No. Helicopters are not allowed to land on Mount Kailash.

Q - Which are the two lakes at the base of Mount Kailash?

Lake Mansarovar and Rakshas Tal are the two lakes at the base of Mount Kailash.

Q - Can I swim in Lake Mansarovar?

It is common to see Hindus drink water from Lake Mansarovar. They also can be seen wading in the cold waters and some also take a swim in the lake. Buddhists do not drink or wade in the waters of Lake Mansarovar.

Q - How many Kailash mountains are there in India?

There are 4 Kailash mountain peaks in India and they are in the states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

Q - Can I drink water from Rakshas Tal?

The water of Rakshas Tal is salty and is not fit for drinking or swimming.

Q - Can I do Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by helicopter?

Yes. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by Helicopter is through Nepal and Tibet.

Q - Can I undertake the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra alone?

No. Individual people are not permitted to go to Kailash Mansarovar alone. Only groups are allowed permission for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

Q - Which other Kailash mountain peaks can I reach by helicopter?

Out of the five Kailash mountains, only Mount Kailash in Tibet and Manimahesh Kailash in Himachal Pradesh have helicopter services. Other Kailash pilgrimage places have to be reached by trekking only.