7 Best Places to Visit in Kargil

7 Best Places to Visit in Kargil

Ladakh is known for the high mountains which makes it even more special. People want to go on a trip to Ladakh for the winds and beauty of this place. Then why does it happen that after seeing Ladakh from above, we go away. The real wanderer is the same, not to see something new at some place. People should go to such places about which people do not know. There are many such unexplored places in Kargil of Ladakh, which most of the locals do not even know about.

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We know Kargil for the war between India and Pakistan. Most people also come here to see the War Memorial, but apart from this, there is a lot to do in Kargil. High mountains, lakes, glaciers and beautiful views will blow your senses. We are going to tell you about some such places in Kargil. After this you will also feel like going to these places.

1. Manman Top

Dras is one of the most famous and cool places in Kargil. Manman Pass is just a few kilometers away from Drass. From this height you can see snow-capped mountains all around. Very few people visit Manman Top situated at an altitude of 4,260 meters above sea level. The cold air at this place is very strong. You have to book a car to go here. At this place, you can stay or walk for some time and see the views around. Such beauty of Kargil will make you go crazy. If you go to Kargil, do not forget to visit this place.

2. Mushkoh Valley

Dras is also known as the Gateway of Ladakh. About 8 km from this Dras. At a distance is Mushkoh Valley. This valley is the most colorful valley of Kagil. A beautiful river also flows through this valley which makes this place even more beautiful. Greenery all around and distant mountains covered with snow. Who wouldn't want to come to such a lovely place? You can see beautiful sunset and sunrise in Mushkoh Valley. This valley will make your Kargil journey beautiful.

3. Minimarg

About 30 kms from Dras. Another beautiful place in the distance is Minamarg. Which you must explore. You will find the views of green-bugs, floating clouds in the sky and beautiful mountains in Minmarg. This valley is surrounded by Machoi Glacier. Machoi Glacier is the place from where the Dras River originates. If you are a nature lover then you will definitely like this place.

4. Suru Valley

Just a few kilometers away from Kargil is a paradise-like place, Suru Valley. Suru Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Kargil. The sound of the river flowing through the mountains and the strong cold wind will work to give relief to anyone. From here you can see Nun Kun Mountain. You are Sanku town and some monasteries which you can visit. There are some beautiful villages that you can explore. You will not find such a beautiful place anywhere else in Kargil.

5. Sapi Lake

How beautiful will that lake be, around which there are mountains and mountains. Some distance away from Kargil is the Sapi Lake in the middle of the mountains. To reach this lake situated at an altitude of 4,600 meters above sea level, one has to hike from Sapi village. The hike can take 4-5 hours so start trekking from Sapi village early in the morning. By which you will reach the Sapi lake by noon and will also come back by evening. Sapi Lake is one of the most beautiful places in Kargil. If this lake freezes in winter, then plan to come here in summer.

6. Draupadi Kund

75 KM from Kargil. And just 18 km from Dras. Located at a distance of is the beautiful Draupadi Kund. It is said that Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas, took a dip in this pool for the last time. Surrounded by snow mountains, this pool and the surrounding views are very beautiful. Here you will only hear the sound of the wind. Trust me you will love coming here.

7. Laser La

14 KM from Dras. There is another unexplored place at a distance of which very few people know about. You also won't find much on the internet about Lasser La. The Laser La Glacier adds to the beauty of Kargil. Glaciers visible in front, mountains covered with ice sheets all around and clouds floating in the sky, what else is needed in life? Apart from this, there are many places in Kargil which can be explored.