Chardham Yatra Opening Dates 2024

Char Dham Opening & Closing Dates 2024

Every devote Hindu the Char Dham Yatra matters a lot. The trip is of much importance and therefore, every year, millions of Hindu devotees take a tour to the sacred places each year to find their solace and peace. The religious people of the community believe that a trip to these Char Dhams can bring a lot of happiness to one’s life and it has the ability to wash away all the sins from human life. This is one of the reasons why, Hindu people go for Chardham Yatra, at least once in their entire life.

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Opening & Closing Dates of Chardham shrines in 2024

The gates of the Char Dhams remains open for merely six months. It usually commences from April and May. The dates, however, are declared by the Char Dham committee people along with Kedarnath Badrinath Mandir Samiti, right before the Akshaya Tritiya. Also known as Akha Teej, Akshaya Tritiya is an Auspicious for the Hindu community. A day, that people believe to be hopeful, as it is said to bring good-luck. A lot of people also believe that during Akshaya Tritiya, if gold is bought, wealth and prosperity never fades away and the household continues to grow towards success.

Chardham Opening Dates 2024

The Chardham Yatra Opening Dates 2024 is considered to be highly important for Hindus. In fact, earlier, people used to embark on a pilgrimage towards the sacred places towards the later days of their lives. It was quite difficult during the old days. But thanks to technology and improved lifestyle, now effortless Char Dham Packages are offered to all the devout Hindus that help everyone take a tour of the places without any hassle.

With Shrine Yatra, now you can get your own personalized Chardham Yatra Package in 2024, where you can take a tour to these sacred places from the Month of May. Get your religious mind a peaceful experience, unwind your soul and take in all the good vibes this summer. Shrine Yatra believes in providing you with the best ever travel experience and therefore, we offer you effortless travel experience worth remembering for the rest of your life.

Char Dham Opening & Closing Dates 2024

Chardham Yatra Opening Dates 2024

Yamunotri Opening Date 10 May 2024 (Tentative)
Gangotri Opening Date 10 May 2024 (Tentative)
Kedarnath Opening Date 11 May 2024 (Tentative)
Badrinath Opening Date 12 May 2024 (6:00AM)

Chardham Yatra Closing Dates 2024

Yamunotri Temple 25 Oct 2024 (Tentative)
Gangotri Temple 25 Oct 2024 (Tentative)
Kedarnath Temple 29 Oct 2024 (Tentative)
Badrinath Temple 29 Oct 2024 (Tentative)
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4 years ago

Dear Shrine Yatra Team,
We are 5 Adults and 3 Child, need to Chardham Yatra Package Ex-Haridwar. Please arrange Budget Package through Tavera. You can Call us at 885XXXXX41

4 years ago
Reply to  Shrine Yatra

Contact me 91*******7

Santanu paul
4 years ago

Send me package details

4 years ago
Reply to  Shrine Yatra

Also email to me

Gupteshwar Panday
4 years ago

Please let us know about the Kedarnath Dham darshan timing. Also share the Rudraabhishek timing.

Premachandran Pillai
4 years ago

Can you let me know char dham temple opening dates in 2020?

Mansi Tripathi
4 years ago

Can I get itinerary for Do Dham for 5 adults from Delhi? I am planning to visit it next year.Also I would like to go for Deluxe hotels.

Swapnil Chandorkar
4 years ago

Hi, I want to do chardham yatra. I need the package for 1 person.

Krishnamurthy kuppurao
4 years ago

When in year 2020 char dham yatra start date in month may

4 years ago

Kedarnath 2020 opening date please.

4 years ago

When Char dham opening dates 2020 ????

4 years ago

Hi There, We are 4 Adults and 2 Kids (Will confirm the numbers ) we are thinking of Chardham Yatra package from Dehradun. Please send any advice and budget details
Thank you

Satish Sharma
4 years ago

Dear char dham yatra shrine team.
We are 6 Adults and 5 Child, need to Chardham Yatra Package. Please arrange Budget Package dated within 1st June to 14th June.

Mrudula Tate
4 years ago

We r two senior and want to make chardham yatra can you tell me the dates and package from mumbai

PK Roy
4 years ago

4 senior citizens want to go chardham from Dehradun

4 years ago

Dear Sir,
We arrange a call to get more details about your package for Chardham Yatra.

Rajendra Kumar Mishra
4 years ago

Dear Sir/ Madam,

That i Rajendra Kumar Mishra, need Char Dham yatra registration for me & my parents( Self+Father+Mother).

Please arranged the same.

Thanks & regards,

Rajendra Mishra
Mobi-9871*****0, 7982*****7

4 years ago

Hi sir please send me the package details for two persons

3 years ago

We are two adults….can you customise char dham for us

Arvind Kumar Shaw
3 years ago

in the web site Badrinath Temple closing date is wrongly updated as – 25 Oct 2020 (Tentative)

3 years ago

Who is news for chardham yetra to the covind 19 ? The date of chardham yetra to the extend so for the information .

Ketan S Naik
3 years ago

Acctuly I postpone my journey because of scinario of country. Now I want to know exact closing date of temple so I will plan I diwali vacation.

Paras P Katiyare
3 years ago


Debasish Dutta
3 years ago

please let us know the exact closing date for Badrinath (2020) so that we may plan to visit post navratri. we are a team of 4 adults. also let us know what precautions to take and where to stay in Badrinath for 1-2 days.

chetan gharat
2 years ago

Send me package details

2 years ago

We are 5 Adults need to Chardham Yatra Package Ex-jolly grand airport -Dehradun.. Please arrange luxury Package through. You can Call us at 9429****21

Hitesh Bham
1 year ago

We are 4 Adults and 3 years old child. Appx travel date 3rd May to 10th May. Please send us the Chardham Yatra Budjet Package via Helicopter Ex. Haridwar.

1 year ago

please send detail for 6 adult + 3 child plan for char dham yatra

1 year ago

We are two persons senior citizens. do you have panch badri yatra package from dehradun or rishikesh. we would like to plan from 22nd May 2023. Please send deluxe plan for 2 persons and four persons, how many days tour etc

Sajal Kumar Banerjee
10 months ago

We are 6th persons senior citizens .we are interested Do dham yatra by Helicopter. month of may last week. Please arrange Package from HARIDWAR.

9 months ago

Dear Shrine Yatra Team,
We are 2 Adults, need to Chardham Yatra Package Ex-Haridwar. Please arrange Budget Package.

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