Jageshwar Dham

Being surrounded by nature and history, Jageshwar is probably one of the best places to visit for a relaxing and detoxing vacation. Years back, Jageshwar Dham was an overnight stop that travellers made as they went on with their journey to the highly renowned pilgrimage of Kailash-Mansarovar. However today, since you can easily reach there from Delhi by train to Kathgodam and further for about 2-3 hours in car including pretty Kumaoni villages and deodar forests make it quite popular as an off-the-beaten-path sort of destination. In addition, it is also a meditation site because of its quietness, cleanness and scenic environment around it.

History of Jageshwar Dham

The Jageshwar group temples lack absolute chronology, but based on the ASI’s assessment, it is estimated that they were constructed within the Post Gupta and Pre-Medieval periods. The period spans from the 8th century (Katyuri Dynasty in the early periods) to the 18th century (Chand Dynasty). Shalivahandev, Katyuri, king reconstructed the temples. The inscription of Malla Kings marks the main Jageshwar’s temple premises, which shows their commitment to the latter. Katyuri kings also contributed many villages to the temple priests for sustaining of the temple. The Jageshwar temple was also patronized by the Chand Kings of Kumaun. The Jageshwar temples have over twenty-five inscriptions belonging to different ages of writing. A lot of them come from the seventh through the tenth centuries AD. Their language is Sanskrit, using the ancient Brahmi alphabet.

Why to Visit in Jageshwar Temple?

There are 124 big and small stone temples belonging to the 9th – 13th centuries AD, located in the temple complex of Jageshwar Dham which draws culture enthusiasts and historians who want to familiarise themselves with old sanctuaries and dynasties that Being a tranquil and calm environment away from the bustles of cities and surrounded by thick deodars, Jageshwar provides apt place for meditation. Camping is an alternative way to be amidst with nature and spend some quality time with your friends or family. Camping in nature at the center of the dense deodar’s trees of Jageshwar.

Tips to Visit in Jageshwar Temple

Jageshwar is a cool place and one can visit it throughout the whole year. While in Jageshwar it is difficult to locate an ATM or a petrol pump during summer time summers are cool and pleasant while winters are cold without much snowfall. Ensure that you have attended to these matters in Almora and then continue to Jageshwar Dham.

Places to See in Jageshwar

  • Dandeshwar Temple
  • Jageshwar Archaeological Museum
  • Jageshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Jhankar Saim Mahadev Temple
  • Lakulisha
  • Mirtola Ashram
  • Maha Mrityunjaya Temple
  • Vriddha Jageshwar

Mythology about Jageshwar Temple

According to tradition, Guru Adi Shankaracharya came on a visit tour here and repaired / rebuilt many of these shrines after which he went to Kedarnath. Also, the place for cremation of the erstwhile Chand kings was the Samshan ghat in Jageshwar. The main shrine in the temple-complex of Jageshwar Mahadev is dedicated to “Bal” Jageswar, or child Shiv. According to legends, Lord Shiva who descended into the jungle of Deodara and meditated in the dense forest.

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