Places to Visit in Bilaspur

Places to Visit in Bilaspur

In Himachal Pradesh, you can visit Bilaspur, which is more famous for Bhakra Nangal Dam and Gobind Sagar Lake. But Bilaspur is also one of the best hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. There are ancient temples in Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh and forts in Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh which were built a long time ago. There are some beautiful scenic places in Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh that you can visit. Also, do a wide range of things to do in Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh. This hill station in Himachal Pradesh is best for relaxing for some days in the Himalayas. There are many hotels and resort options for you to stay in Bilaspur. You will not have any difficulty in finding a good quality hotel, resort, or homestay in Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh. And if you want to find out about the best tourist places in Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh, then they are given below. You can include Bilaspur in your Himachal Pradesh tour package.

1. Gobind Sagar Lake

Gobind Sagar Lake is undoubted, the best tourist attraction in Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh. The lake is on the Sutlej river and was formed as a result of the construction of Bhakra Nangal Dam. You get the best views of surrounding hills and panoramas from Gobind Sagar Lake. If you go from August to January, you will be able to do water sports activities like sailing, boat racing, paddle boating, rowing, etc. You can also do sailing, kayaking, and canoeing courses here. In summer, you can view the submerged temples here.

2. Bhakra Nangal Dam

Bhakra Nangal Dam is among India’s highest dams and it is also in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. There are two dams called Bhakra Dam and Nangal Dam, which are located close to each other, and together they are called Bhakra Nangal Dam. The dam provides water to Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh. The dam is built on the Sutlej river. Jawaharlal Nehru called it the “New Temple of Resurgent India”.

3. Koldam Dam

Koldam Dam is one of the many tourist places in Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh. The dam is spectacular due to its unique structure. The green mountains and forests surrounding Koldam Dam make it a very scenic place. You can enjoy the scenery of this place by taking a boat ride in the reservoir.

4. Laxmi Narayan Mandir

Out of the many temples in Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh, one of the most famous is Laxmi Narayan Mandir. Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi are the main deities of Laxmi Narayan Mandir. The architecture of this temple is its most eye-catching sight. The temple is made of white marble and wooden pillars. There are idols of other gods and goddesses like Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga, etc.

5. Sri Naina Devi Ji Temple

Sri Naina Devi Ji is a sacred temple in Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh. Raja Bir Chand, who ruled over this region, built this temple during the 8th century. This temple is a very popular tourist sightseeing place in Bilaspur. The temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peeth temples of Goddess Sati. You can take the ropeway to the temple and also walk on pathways to reach the temple. The temple is situated on a hill and from the top, you can view the magnificent scenery. Palkis are also available for old people.

6. Rukmani Kund

Rukmini Kund is a pond that was named after a woman called Rukmini, who sacrificed herself for a noble cause. The water from Rukmini Kund can heal physical ailments. Rukmini Kund is surrounded by lush greenery and natural environs.

7. Vyas Cave

Vyas Cave is an old cave on the Sutlej river and is a popular tourist spot in Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh. According to locals, Sage Vyas, who wrote the epic Mahabharata, meditated in this cave for some days. Vyas Cave or Vyas Gufa is one of the most sacred places in Bilaspur and also one of the oldest. Vyas Cave is located in picturesque landscapes of forests and mountains.

8. Kandraur Bridge

Kandraur Bridge is a perfect spot for taking selfies. This also is one of the best tourist places to visit in Bilaspur. It links Bilaspur to other surrounding places. Kandraur Bridge is one of the highest bridges in Asia and is built on the Sutlej River.

9. Kahlur Fort

Kahlur Fort is a very popular forts in Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh. Raja Bir Chand who ruled over this region in the olden days built this fort as his residence. Kahlur Fort is now in ruins, but it is also a very popular picnic spot. You can still see the stone structure of this fort, and walk among the ruins. You will see narrow corridors, stone staircases, stone walls, pathways, and the entrance of this ruined fort.

10. Markandeya Rishi Temple

One of the best and most holy temples in Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh is Markandeya Rishi Temple. The temple is devoted to the great sage Markandeya Rishi. The tranquil environment of this temple draws thousands of pilgrims to visit this temple. There is a spring nearby whose waters are considered to be very healing in nature. You must take a dip in the spring and refresh yourself.

11. Bachhretu Fort

Although it is now in ruins, Bachhretu Fort was once a powerful fort in Bilaspur. Bachhretu Fort was built somewhere in the 14th century during the reign of Raja Ratan Chand. Gobind Sagar Lake and other surrounding places look very beautiful from this fort. This was once a massive fort, and you can still see some rooms and sections of this fort now. Some of its walls are still intact after all these years.

12. Nahar Singh Dhaulra

Nahar Singh Dhaulra is a temple built in memory of Baba Nahar Singh. The temple is a very sacred place and is popular among devotees of Baba Nahar Singh. The wooden slippers called kharaun, which were worn by Baba Nahar Singh, are kept in the temple. From May to June, various fairs are held near the temple.

13. Bahadurpur Fort

Bilaspur has many medieval forts which were built by former kings. One of the forts that you can see in Bilaspur is Bahadurpur Fort. Raja Keshab Sen built this fort during the 17th century. During its time, the fort was considered very strong. Although it is in ruins, you can come and visit this fort. Due to its height, the fort commands a spectacular view of the surrounding region. Its structure is very interesting and is surrounded by deodar forests.

14. Sariyun Fort

One of the old and ruined forts in Bilaspur that you can still visit is Sariyun Fort. The stone structure of this fort can still be seen in places. Stone pillars, a hole for cannons, can still be seen in this fort. The stones that were used to build this fort were not used in any other house. There is a small temple of Naina Devi in the fort.

15. Tiun Fort

Tiiun Fort was built on a hill and is one of the major forts that you can visit in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. Tiun Fort had a granary that could hold 3000 kg of grain. Tiun Fort offers a perfect view of sunsets and sunrise. The walls of this fort were powerful and can be seen in some patches of the fort. This fort also was a prison for enemy kings.

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