Places to Visit in Chitrakoot

Places to Visit in Chitrakoot
Places to Visit in Chitrakoot: Occupying sections of both the Chitrakoot district in Uttar Pradesh and Satna district in Madhya Pradesh is a small town placed graciously within the north Vindhyan range named Chitrakoot. It is very important according to Hindu mythology and the epic Ramayana. Legends tell us that the holy site of Chitrakoot was where Lord Rama with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana spent nearly eleven and a half years during their fourteen-year long exile. In Chitrakoot where Goswami Tulsidas, the creator of 'The Ramcharitmanas', lived for many years. Numerous animated fairs are held at various events and festivals. A little known fact is that Chitrakoot is home to the unique Jagadguru Rambhadracharya Handicapped University - the only one of its kind worldwide designed specifically for differently-abled students. In this article, we will take you on a journey through the famous places to visit in Chitrakoot, giving you a glimpse into the spiritual (famous temple in Uttar Pradesh) and historical wonders that await you.
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March
  • Ideal Vacation Duration: 1 to 2 days
  • Places to Visit:Ramghat, Gupt Godavari, Kamadgiri , Hanuman Dhara, Sati Anusuya Temple, etc.
  • Things to Do: Explore the historical heritage and visit temples and museums.
  • How to Reach: Via air, rail and road.
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Here are some popular places to visit in Chitrakoot:

  • Ramghat
  • Gupt Godavari
  • Kamadgiri
  • Hanuman Dhara
  • Sati Anusuya Temple
  • Sphatik Shila
  • Janki Kund
  • Bharat Milap Mandir
  • Rajapur
  • Marpha
  • Ganesh Bagh
  • Kalinjar Fort
If you are planning to visit Chitrakoot? Here, we have compiled a list of top 11 places to visit in Chitrakoot & things to do in Chitrakoot that should be on your wishlist!

1.) Ramghat

Ramghat is a major tourist draw in Chitrakoot. Alongside the tranquil Mandakini River banks is where Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman were sighted by renowned poet Tulsidas who would sit and write Ram Charit Manas by this very riverside. Ramghat is the hub of all spiritual pursuits in Chitrakoot and the most frequented bathing ghat. People believe that a dip in the waters of Ramghat can purify a person from all sins. The aroma from the incense sticks and the sacred hymns by saints in saffron attire at Ramghat offer an experience that soothes and moves the soul. You have the option to go boating on the river, appreciate the stunning scenery of this location until sundown and participate in the arti featuring gorgeous diya illuminations, bell noises and sacred recitations.

2.) Gupt Godavari

This is a duo of caves with such a small entrance that one can hardly pass it. In the alternate cave water drips down forming streams that can fill up to the level of our knees. The throne-like structures found in the cave apparently confirm the claims of secret gatherings held by Lord Rama and Lakshman. In spite of its reputation as a predominantly spiritual site, Chitrakoot offers some unforeseen treasures to intrepid tourists particularly those who enjoy sometimes dangerous but adventurous journeys. Among these unexpected discoveries is the Gupt Godavari cave system. It would shock many to discover how this cave stays mostly unheard of worldwide despite its enchanting beauty rivalling popular sites such as Elephanta caves, Ajanta and Ellora caves and the list continues. This spot is progressively mounting as one of the most visited places in India because of the intriguing magic of nature. Thus if your journey brings you toChitrakoot, dare not exclude this place from your itinerary.

3.) Kamadgiri

Considered as the centre of Chitrakoot, Kamadgiri is a forest-clad hill with its base surrounded by various Hindu temples from all directions. The pilgrims carry out Parikrama around this mound with the faith that all their pains will be alleviated and their dreams would manifest upon completion of this act. Kamadgiri's name comes from Kamadnathji, an alternative title for Lord Rama which means the realizer of everyone's wishes. On the 5 kilometre journey of the Parikrama path, you will encounter a variety of temples with one of the most renowned being Bharat Milaap temple; this is where Lord Ram was persuaded by Bharat to come back to his kingdom. While some of the Kamadgiri Mountain lies in Uttar Pradesh, other parts lie in Madhya Pradesh. During the Chaitra month (first month of the Hindu calendar), Kamadgiri is swarmed with devotees who come to enjoy the festivities of Ram Navami and Deepavali. On Amavasya (full moon day), a grand carnival is also organized here every month.

4.) Hanuman Dhara

Water is pouring down towards the statue of Lord Hanuman into a kund and langurs can be found here. The spring known as Hanuman Dhara is said to have sprung from a rock after Lord Ram shot an arrow into it in an attempt to pacify an infuriated Hanuman who arrived here to put out the fire burning on his tail after coming back from Lanka inflamed.

5.) Sati Anusuya Temple

Anusaya's tale tells of her sprinkling some special water on the sacred trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar causing their reincarnations. It is also stated that through dedicated worship of Anusuya towards the god to eliminate famine subsequently resulted in blessing the city with the river Mandakini.

6.) Sphatik Shila

There are two enormous rocks at Sphatik Shila site which are supposed to carry the footprints of Goddess Sita and Lord Rama. Near Janki Kund and nestled within lush forests on the riverbanks of Mandakini is the site known as Sphatik Shila - or crystal rock in English translation. Legend narrates how Sita and Rama were unwinding here when a seemingly ordinary crow bit at goddess Sita’s feet. Enraged by this action, lord Rama blinded the crow who surprisingly turned out to be Jayant - Lord Indra’s progeny in an alternative form. Given its history as the presumed site where four brothers gathered during Lord Rama’s exile, Chitrakoot’s Bharat Milaap Temple carries significant importance. If you're around the Parikrama of Kamadgiri, you should definitely pay a visit to this temple. The footprints of Lord Rama and his family can also be seen here. During their exile period, it is held in belief that Janaki kund located alongside the Mandakini river was where goddess Sita would bathe. Along the river side one can also find footprints marks which are assumed to have been left by her.

7.) Janki Kund

It is believed that at Janaki Kund, Goddess Sita would bathe while in exile near the Mandakini River. Her footprints can clearly be seen near the river, indicating her recent visit. Bharat Milap Mandir It is said that Lord Rama and his three brothers gathered here, making Bharat Milaap Temple an exceptionally pious site in Chitrakoot.

8.) Rajapur

A small town in the Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh, Rajapur is. Because Goswami Tulsidas, the prolific author of Sri Ram Charit Manas and the Hanuman Chalisa, was born here, this small town has gained fame. The temple, dedicated to Tulsidas, is the main attraction of this place. At this serene shrine, the life and literary achievements of Tulsidas, born nearby, are remembered. This temple, simple and charming in design, is situated on the banks of the Yamuna river and offers a serene setting to immerse oneself in Indian culture and traditions.

9.) Marpha

Located near Gupt Godavari, Marpha boasts of an extraordinary natural beauty along with ancient temples and the ruins of a Chandel Fort, lying 4 km away.

10.) Ganesh Bagh

Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh is home to Ganesh Bagh, one of the top tourist spots. Aesthetic and historical relevance make this place special, found on the Karvi-Devangana Road. The big three in this location are the temple, palace, and step well.

11.) Kalinjar Fort

On top of a hill, Kalinjar Fort harbors a revered trove of artifacts and statues. Through these, history is exposed. A testament to the grandeur of the Chandela dynasty, this fort was built. Inside this fort, there are numerous buildings and temples. Great in scale and detail, this fort features grand palaces and canopies, expertly designed and carved. The fort is thought to be the dwelling place of Hindu god Shiva. With a Neelkanth Mahadev temple, the fort is distinctive. Certainly! As a sacred town in Uttar Pradesh, Chitrakoot holds great religious importance. In Hinduism, this site is highly revered due to its link to Lord Rama. In the Vindhya Range, the town is nestled amidst picturesque natural beauty and also in Chitrakoot, pilgrims are drawn to places like Kamadgiri, Ramghat, and Sati Anusuya Ashram, where mythological stories come alive. Devotees and nature enthusiasts alike can find spiritual solace and tranquility in this place.

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