Places to Visit in Chopta

Places to Visit in Chopta

Chopta is one of the finest hill stations in Uttarakhand. It is called by the name “Mini Switzerland of India” due to its scenic alpine meadows, ice-capped Himalayan peaks, rustic hamlets, pine and deodar forests, and famous trekking destinations. Chopta offers mesmerizing views of Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, and Trishul mountain peaks. Chopta is close to Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, and you can spot many Himalayan birds and animals here. It is famous for one of the famous Panch Kedar temples in Uttarakhand.

You can visit all the scenic tourist places in Chopta when you plan a tour of Uttarakhand. The best Uttarakhand holiday packages will allow you to customize your Uttarakhand holiday. Make sure to make a Chopta tour itinerary as this is one of the purest and unpolluted hill stations of Uttarakhand. You can also make a special Chopta holiday package if you want. This way you can explore the best Chopta tourist places in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. Here are the best places to visit in Chopta.

1. Tungnath

Tungnath is one of the very famous Shiva temples in Uttarakhand. It is the highest Shiva temple in the entire world and its altitude makes it one of the most scenic ones. Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers laid the foundation of Tungnath. You can visit Tungnath as part of the Panch Kedar Yatra. A trek from Chopta to Tungnath is one of the famous treks in Uttarakhand.

2. Deoria Tal

Deoria Tal is one of the best tourist places in Chopta. It is a beautiful lake that is surrounded by deodar forests and alpine meadows. A trek to Deoria Tal is one of the best treks in Uttarakhand. You can see the reflections of Neelkantha, Chaukhamba, Bandarpunch, and Kedar mountain peaks in the calm waters of Deoria Tal. Deoria Tal is also believed to be the place where Yaksha asked questions to the Pandava brothers. If you are lucky, you can even spot a musk deer and other Himalayan creatures near Deoria Tal.

3. Chandrashila Trek

In Hindu mythology, Chandrashila was the place where Lord Rama meditated after slaying the demon king Ravana. Chandrashila trek from Chopta is one of the best treks in Uttarakhand. It is the summit of the Chandranath Parvat. The famous Tungnath Temple is situated on this mountain. Chopta to Chandrashila is a 2.5 km trek and Chopta is the base of this trek. You can view panoramic views of Kedarnath, Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi, Trishul mountain peaks from the Chandrashila summit.

4. Kalimath

Kalimath is a small town which is famous for its Kali temple. It is said that Goddess Kali went underground after slaying Raktbeej, the demon, here at this place. Other temples in Kalimath are dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, Bhairav Baba. Kalimath is one of the Chopta tourist places that you should visit.

5. Ukhimath

Ukhimath is also one of the places to visit in Chopta. It is a holy town and is full of temples of different deities like Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva, Usha, Aniruddh, etc. Omkareshwar Temple in Ukhimath is the winter home of Kedarnath and Madhyamaheshwar shrines. You can watch Utsav Doli, which is a religious procession where idols of Kedarnath and Madhyamaheshwar Temples are brought here during winters. Ukhimath also commands the breath-taking scenery of Kedarnath, Neelkanth, and Chaukhamba peaks.

6. Kanchula Korak Musk Deer Sanctuary

Musk Deer or Kasturi Mrug is the main attraction of the Kanchula Korak Musk Deer Sanctuary. Musk Deer is also bred here in this sanctuary. In addition to the musk deer, you can also spot some rare Himalayan wildlife. The sanctuary is full of dense forests and lush greenery. It is a very good place to see a lot of birds and aromatic plants, which are only found in the higher elevations of the Himalayan ranges.

7. Madhyamaheshwar Mandir

Madhyamaheshwar Temple is one of the famous Shiva temples in Uttarakhand. The temple is also part of the famous Panch Kedar Yatra in Uttarakhand. Here, the middle part or stomach portion of Lord Shiva is worshipped in the temple. Madhyamaheshwar Temple architecture is very old but very beautiful. A trek to Madhyamaheshwar Temple offers scenic views of Kedarnath and Neelkanth peaks.

8. Rohini Bugyal

Rohini Bugyal is a lush green alpine meadow that you can visit in Chopta. The falls on the trekking route to Chandrashila and Deoria Tal. From Rohini Bugyal you can see the snow-capped mountain peaks of Nilkantha, Kedarnath, Thalay Sagar, Chaukhamba, and others. You can camp here in Rohini Bugyal and enjoy the natural beauty of mountains and the sound of birds.

9. Omkar Ratneshwar Mahadev

The Omkar Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple is a famous temple in Chopta. Nag Devta is the main deity of this temple. You can visit Omkar Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple on the Deoria Tal route through Sari Village. The architecture of this temple is similar to other temples in Chopta like Kedarnath and Tungnath Temple.

10. Sari Village

Sari Village is one of the tourist places in Chopta that you can visit. You can camp here and go on a trek from Sari Village to Deoria Tal. You will easily find a lot of homestays and lodges in Sari Village for your stay. Sari Village is a very picturesque little hamlet in Chopta. There are lush green meadows, apple and peach orchards, magnificent mountain scenery that you can enjoy in this tiny village.

11. Dugalbitta

Dugalbitta is a picturesque hamlet in Chopta where you can watch stunning scenery. During winters, Dugalbitta receives heavy snowfall, as a result of which, tourists come here to enjoy the snowfall. Dugalbitta is on the route to the famous Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand, and you can do so many activities here such as bird watching, forest walks, trekking, cycling, etc.

12. Bisurital

Bisurital is a high-altitude natural lake in Chopta. You can reach Bisurital by trekking through lush meadows, dense forests, waterfalls, river streams. You can spot some wild animals on your trek to Bisurital. A trek to Bisurital is a bit tough though, and you will have to trek 60 km and make halts for the night at different places. Bisurital is one of the lesser-known trekking destinations in Uttarakhand.

13. Baniyakund

Baniyakund is a small hamlet in Chopta and is on the edge of the Kedarnath Musk Deer Sanctuary. You can find accommodation here in the form of jungle lodges, camps, hotels. Baniyakund is close to Ukhimath. There is a motorable road from Ukhimath and you can drive through the road to reach Baniyakund.

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