Places to Visit in Kinnaur

Places to Visit in Kinnaur

Kinnaur is situated high in the Himalayan mountain ranges in Himachal Pradesh. The high elevation of Kinnaur makes it one of the most scenic destinations to visit on your trip to Himachal Pradesh. Plan a visit to Kinnaur through the Kinnaur tour package or include Kinnaur in any of the Himachal Tour Packages. Either way, you will be able to visit all the best scenic sightseeing places in Kinnaur. The Himalayan landscapes in Kinnaur are full of valleys, icy peaks, alpine meadows, and Buddhist monasteries. Kinnaur is famous for Kinnaur Kailash, which is considered to be one of the five holy peaks of Lord Shiva. The unique and rare rock formation resembles the shiv linga. Kinnaur Kailash Yatra is a famous trek and pilgrimage tour which is undertaken by Hindus and Buddhists. It is also great for trekking and skiing adventures.

1. Sarahan

Sarahan is a small village in Kinnaur and as it is on the border of Kinnaur, it is also famous as the gateway to Kinnaur. It is bestowed with natural beauty and scenic landscapes. The pine and deodar forests, grassy meadows, mountain valleys, small houses, and river streams lend a scenic charm to Sarahan. A temple dedicated to Bhimkali has Tibetan architecture to it. Rulers of Bushahr princely state have settled here in Sarahan. There are many sightseeing places in Sarahan and famous ones are Sarahan Bird Park, Bushahr Palace, Bhabha Valley, Shrikhand Peak, Hawa Ghar, etc.

2. Sangla Valley

Sangla Valley is also known by the name Baspa Valley. This is because the river Baspa flows through Sangla Valley. Sangla Valley is one of the breathtakingly beautiful places in the Kinnaur region of Himachal Pradesh. The valley is lush green with pine forests and a view of snow-capped mountain peaks in the distance. Sangla Valley is famous for its red apples and cherry trees. You can visit these orchards and pluck ripe cherries and apples and taste them fresh. Baspa River is rich in trout fish. You can do sightseeing in forts and small villages here.

3. Reckong Peo

Among the best places to visit in Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh is Reckong Peo. This small town is famous for its apple orchards, pine forests, scenic valleys, and mountain views. Reckong Peo offers the most beautiful views of Kinnaur Kailash Peak and its famous rock formation of shiv linga. Reckong Peo has a deep history behind its formation. Tibetan kings and Mughal emperors rule it for several years. The town of Reckong Peo is bustling with markets and sightseeing spots. Chandika Temple and Brelengi Gompa are two very famous places to visit here. You can also visit Khab and Kalpa, which are immensely scenic places to visit near Reckong Peo.

4. Kinnaur Kailash Trek

Kinnaur Kailash is one of the mountain peaks in the Kinnaur region in Himachal Pradesh. It is a holy mountain peak and is considered one of the five Kailash mountains which are the abodes of Lord Shiva. Kinnaur Kailash Trek is one of the most famous and adventurous treks in Himachal Pradesh. Hindus and Buddhists consider Kinnaur Kailash to be a supremely holy and sacred mountain peak. The Kinnaur Kailash peak is where you can view the 79 feet tall shiv linga, which is a unique rock formation. The rock balances itself among huge rock slabs and makes it look like a trident of Lord Shiva. There is a kund close to the mountain peak and it is believed to be created by Goddess Parvati. The 14 km long Kinnaur Kailash Trek starts from Tangling Village. The trail goes through apple orchards, Sangla Valley, and Hangrang Valleys.

5. Lipa Asrang Sanctuary

Lipa Asrang Sanctuary is one of the best places in Kinnaur to spot rare Himalayan wildlife that you won’t find anywhere else in India. The dense alpine forests here in this sanctuary are a perfect habitat for animals like Brown Bear, Musk Deer, Yak, Blue Sheep, Goral, and others. You can take permission from the authorities to go inside the sanctuary.

6. Rupin Pass

Rupin Pass is one of the most thrilling mountain passes that you can visit in the Kinnaur region of Himachal Pradesh. This trek is one of the most exciting treks in Himachal Pradesh. Rupin Pass trek can be a lifetime experience for trekkers and hikers. Rupin Pass trek route gives you a golden chance to see Himalayan landscapes and wildlife. The forests, alpine meadows, small brooks, waterfalls, valleys, and mountain peaks give you a thrill like no other. You can stop on the route and camp in the wild. You can visit small villages like Jhaka village and Mori village. On the route are temples like Kinnaur Temple, and Pokhu Devta Temple. The trek gives you great views of the Kinnaur Kailash mountain range.

7. Kalpa

Kalpa is on the Sutlej River and this tiny village is very scenic. The apple orchards in Kalpa are very famous for their juicy apples. Kalpa also offers scenic views of the Kinnaur Kailash mountain range and the unique rock formation that is regarded as a shiv linga. Kalpa has Buddhist monasteries such as Kalpa Monastery which is a centuries-old monastery. You can view the beautiful sight of river Sutlej flowing down the river valleys from vantage points in Kalpa.

8. Ribba

Ribba is a small hamlet in Kinnaur which is famous for its scenic beauty. The name of this village comes from the pine nuts. Ribba means Rirang in the local Kinnauri language, where ‘Ri’ means a pine nut and ‘Rang’ is another name for a mountain peak. These pine nuts can be eaten and have tremendous health benefits. Other things that are famous in Ribba are the fruit orchards and grapefruit. The local grapes of Ribba are used to make alcohol.

9. Nako

Nako is one of the most scenic villages in Kinnaur. It is very close to the Tibetan border. There are several sightseeing places that you can visit in Nako. Nako Lake is a supremely beautiful lake. Buddhist monasteries and gompas in Nako are great places to experience the Tibetan lifestyle of the monks who live here. There are beautiful waterfalls and caves near the lake. You can even see the footprints of Padmasambhava, the great Tibetan monk near the lake. Nako Village falls on the trekking route to Malling Nala. Trekkers and tourists need to take the Inner Line Permit while visiting Nako. Nako is also famous for its apples and woolen shawls.

10. Borasu Pass

Borasu Pass is one of the best trekking and hiking destinations in Kinnaur. This high-altitude mountain pass connects the Baspa river valley and Tons river valley. Borasu Pass is like a gateway to the Himalayan peaks of Uttarakhand. The Borasu Pass trek will take you to some of the most remote regions of Himachal Pradesh like Sankri, Osla, Saur, Har ki Dun, Dhatmir, and Gangar. Borasu Pass trek route goes through the ancient trade route that begins at Har ki Dun and ends at Kinnaur valley.

11. Nichar

Nichar is a small village in Kinnaur where you get to see fabulous Himalayan landscapes and mountains. The alpine forests in Nichar are home to many wild animals such as Himalayan black bears, ghoral, and other wild animals and birds. Nichar is situated between Wangtu and Taranda and is on the banks of the Sutlej river.

12. Suicide Point

One of the most thrilling and somewhat dangerous places in Kinnaur is a place called Suicide Point. There are vertical cliffs here, and trekking up to this point is full of visual beauty. You will pass through apple orchards, pine forests, and pass by river valleys, and scenic mountains. Suicide Point is named because the vertical cliffs resemble a point from where people can commit suicide.

13. Kamru Fort

Kamru Fort is one of the best sightseeing points in Kinnaur. It has typical wooden architecture and intricate timber wood carvings. Many people live inside the fort. Kamru Fort was once a residence of the Bashahr princely state. According to a local legend, there are more than 33 crore gods and goddesses inside the Kamru Fort. The temple of Kamakhya Devi is inside the fort and the main idol of the deity was brought from Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati Assam. There is a temple of Lord Badrinath also inside the fort. Kamru Fort commands a magnificent view of the Sangla river valley and various apple orchards.

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