Places to Visit in Meerut

Places to Visit in Meerut
A vibrant cultural landscape bursting with historical treasures, mouthwatering culinary delights, and impressive architectural masterpieces greets visitors to Meerut. Spanning seventy miles, each city forms a singular aspect of the greater Delhi-NCR panorama. Drawing inspiration from a captivating past spanning centuries, modern art thrives alongside a blended tapestry of heritage and creativity in Meerut. According to ancient Indian legend, Meerut was founded by Maha or Maya – Ravana’s mother and Mandodari’s paternal grandfather - as depicted in the Hindu epic Ramayana. Nowadays, Mahishmati's special title comes from serving as Meerut's governmental hub; thus, some people call it by another name—" Ravana's WIfe Home". A minor town gains significance via association with the legendary epic tale of Ramayana, solidifying its position on India's spiritual landscape.

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From a comprehensive bunch of choices tailored for different passionate followers & fanatics alike, embark on discovering Delhi's Sports powerhouse & provide impetus for new additions into your Collection! Additionally, the artisanal city also embodies value regarding nationwide liberty. A surge of reverent pilgrims and travelers flock to Meerut during the joyful Holi celebrations. In continuation of Holi festivities, a fair takes place every year on the Nauchandi ground. A singular circumstance exists whereby a temple (Chanda Devi Temple) shares proximity with an opposing place of worship (mosque). United by this fair, the divided religious groups of India find common ground. In this article, we will take you on a journey through the famous places to visit in Meerut, giving you a glimpse into the spiritual (famous temple in Uttar Pradesh) and historical wonders that await you.
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March
  • Ideal Vacation Duration: 1 to 2 days
  • Places to Visit: Shahpeer Sahab ki Dargah, Augharnath Temple, Jambudweep, etc.
  • Things to Do: Explore the historical heritage and visit temples and museums.
  • How to Reach: Via air, rail and road.
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Here are some popular places to visit in Meerut:

  • Shapir or Shahpeer Sahab ki Dargah
  • Augharnath Temple
  • Ashtapad
  • Hastinapur National Park
  • Jambudweep
  • Shaheed Samarak
  • Bada Digambar Jain
  • Draupadi Kitchen
  • Bhagwan Shantinath
  • Bhole ki Jhaal
  • Vidura Ka Tila
  • Mustafa Castle
  • Gandhi Bagh
  • Fantasy World Water Park
  • Suraj Kund Temple
  • Saint John Church
If you are planning to visit Meerut? Here, we have compiled a list of top 15 places to visit in Meerut & things to do in Meerut that should be on your wishlist!

1.) Shapir (Shahpeer Sahab ki Dargah)

Shapir or Shahpeer Sahab ki Dargah is a mausoleum in Meerut constructed during the Mughal Era by the queen, Noor Jahan. It was constructed in 1628 in memory of Hazrat Shahpeer, a local Muslim who is credited with teaching Emperor Jahangir and serving as the queen's physician and counsellor. Shapir is a distinctive area of the city because of the garden and nearby pillars. The monument is built of stark red stones that present a catchy visage in the evening sky. There is a religious fair held here annually during the month of Ramadan, and a large number of people gather here to hold prayers on important days.

2.) Augharnath Temple

The most popular and oldest Shiva temple in Meerut is the Augharnath Temple, also known as the Kali Paltan Mandir. And the Shiva Linga in this temple is a well-liked attraction among followers of Lord Shiva since it is thought to be a Swayambhu (self-manifested). Augharnath temple's historical importance derives from the crucial role it played during the Freedom Struggle and the temple also houses shrines to Radha Krishna and Goddess Durga in addition to the Shiva Linga. The Augharnath Temple, which is primarily a Shiva temple, receives hundreds of pilgrims during festivals like Mahashivratri and Purnima.

3.) Ashtapad Teerth

It is commonly assumed that Ashtapad resides near Badrinath following a gruelling 160-mile footpath journey through steep, snowy terrain. In this precise location, it is said that the first Tirthankara, Bhagwan Rishabhdev found enlightenment. Under King Bharat's reign, an elaborate building made of gems sprung up around the area - then king Bhadreswar constructed a shanti stupa at that place where lord buddha gave him darshan . Consistently adherent to the notion of deliverance through pilgrimage, visitors stream towards Ashtapad, entrusting they will inherit blessings thereupon embarking upon this peregrination path. Eight steps might sound like a trivial detail about Ashtapad's structure, but its height—clocking in at 151 feet—and diameter (a whopping 108 meters) make up for any lacklustre landscaping efforts immediately. Equality thrives between each stride and their respective diameters. A stunning scene unfolds before our eyes.

4.) Hastinapur National Park

Encompassing an immense 2073 square kilometers, this sanctuary, also known as the Hastinapur National Park, is home to a broad range of flora and fauna. The diverse flora and fauna of this biome include several bird types, mammal kinds, lizard varieties, frog varieties, bug formations, and flower families. Present in abundance, peacocks dot the landscape here. Spanning numerous districts - Meerut, Ghaziabad, Bijnore, and Jyotiba Phule Nagar, among others - the sanctuary unfolds its expanse. Approximately 40 km separates us from the next railhead.

5.) Jambudweep

Conveying significance through architectural diversity, Jambudweep encompasses numerous vital Jain temples. Various aficionados of architecture find themselves drawn to the eclectic styles seen here. Some temples stand tall, while others remain modest; all are joined by a shared tranquil air, encompassing a spacious mediation hall. The admirable architectural designs of the Sumeru Parvat, Teen Lok Temple, and Lotus Temple are confined within this holy domain.

6.) Shaheed Samarak

Notably housing the Government Freedom Struggle Museum, the ground beneath this marble column dates back to 1997. Among critical cultural artifacts found within the walls of these museums lies a wealth of knowledge tracing back to the pivotal struggle for government liberty, providing keen insight into our collective past and shaping our understanding of the present day. In addition, two art galleries highlight select items from the era.

7.) Bada Digambar Jain

Conveniently located among the most significant pilgrimage sites for Jainism, Hastinapur holds great religious significance. Perched atop an elevated summit, approximately 40 feet in stature, gleams a beautiful Hindu shrine. Specially curated ambiance, accommodates colossal sculpture of revered Bhagwan Shantinath resplendent upon Lotus pedestal for widespread adoration of religion follower easeful soul seeking sessions envelop more magnitude venerable of this holy edifice. Several multitudes eagerly throng the premises between dusk and dawn to experience firsthand sanctum's grandiose presence of tranquility for peace pursuit discipleship. The common notion is that entreaties tendered within these walls gain appreciation. Included within this complex are numerous temples such as Kailash Parvat Temple, Nandeeshwara Dewa, Trimurti Mandir, Maan Stambha, 24 tanks, Petrogresses, shrines, Hindu deities worship areas, Nashiya sites, amongst many other.

7.) Draupadi Kitchen

Earning the appellation 'Draupadi's Kitchen', this historic site has been relocated next to the idyllic Buriganga River Bank setting in Meerut. Perpetuated through oral tradition, stories describe how Draupadi prepared meals for the extended family within this space. During the time the Pandavas were in exile in Hastinapur, it was said Lord Krishna made a visit. During his request, Draupani's empty state made dining impossible. By mere willpower, Krishna allegedly fashioned a container capable of generating plenty of delectable provisions, earning lasting tribute near Draupadi’s culinary abode. Exactly where Draupadi Ghat lies nearby is the preferred destination for a pleasant afternoon meal. Enduring witness to the historic uprising, the oldest and best-preserved structure in Meerut still proudly stands tall today. Situated near the Company Gardens, this monument celebrates holidays significant to India with festivities.

8.) Bhagwan Shantinath

Meticulously crafted atmosphere offers a grand stage for Bhagwan Shantinath's magnificent statue, bathed in light on a lotus pedestal. Many people queue up during twilight hours seeking solace under sanctum's majestic quietness; they believe desperate pleas voiced here find favour with higher powers. This aggregate comprises unparalleled architectural marvels - idiosyncratic arenas teeming with devotee activity, set amidst gardens offering tranquility & solitude: Kailash Parvata Mandire...; Vaahana Vinodaarg Pratisthapnane - creations well-known deities idols rest adorn generously spread areas surrounding Gajamoola dwara lake - manifestations commemorating most revered significance !

9.) Bhole ki Jhaal

Prominent among dams crucial to the electrical grid: Bhole ki Jhaal. A site with rich cultural heritage, this location goes by the alias Salawa ki Jhaal. Commonly visited by people living nearby and holidaymakers, this secluded haven offers enchantment and leisure amidst nature's splendour. Feeling unrestricted beneath its no-cost entrance policy makes it an appealing gathering venue. For diversions during warm weather, some prefer to cool off with a splash. In areas where the visibility isn’t extensive, visitors—including novices—will discover appealing surprises. In close proximity deserves mentioning, a treasured Shiva sacred site lies within reach.

10.) Vidura Ka Tila

For those eager to immerse themselves in historical context, Vidura Ka Tila stands as the premier destination in Meerut. Visiting Vidur Ka Tila takes on mythical proportions thanks to the giant tumuli standing guard to the tales of yore. Conversely, legend besets this location with the history of Vidura—the wisest counsellor, now deceased. Respected by the residents due to his sharp wit and sagacious advice, Vidura shares a bond with them as the half-brother of legendary figures like Pandu and Dhritarashtra. Alongside the tranquil River Buriganga lies the perfect setting for a leisurely picnic with loved ones. From Vidur Ka Tila, golden hues accompany sunset serenity.

11.) Mustafa Castle

Amongst Meerut's revered monuments lies the Mustafa Castle, commemorating Nawab Mustafa Khan Shaifta, a prolific wordsmith whose legacy endures via his son's 1900 architectural tribute. Famed equally for its architectural excellence and historical relevance, the castle attracts acclaim. Holding great historical significance, the castle became a refuge for crucial political events amidst India's fight for independence. Showcasing an incredible combination of refined craftsmanship and cultural diversity, Mustafa Castle magnificently displays handpicked pieces of wooden furniture, paintings, and artefacts from far-flung regions of the earth. Named after colours like Basanti, Gulabi, etc., various chambers within the castle boast colour-coded interiors tailored to each season. If the rich history of Meerut piques your interest, then Mustafa Castle is a stop not to be missed.

12.) Gandhi Bagh

This park has historical significance due to its establishment by the East India Company. - Oldest among Meerut's parks, Gandhi Bagh was founded by the East India Company. Positioned along Mall Road, only somewhat removed from the city's bustle, this attraction boasts a captivating musical fountain display each evening. In this celebrated British site, you'll discover verdant landscapes teeming with vibrant flora - mango, mulberry, and bamboo trees among them. Presently, the Meerut Cantonment Board diligently strives to enhance the park through additions such as play areas delightful enough for children, scenic car and boat rides, and novel camel experiences. A picturesque backdrop of a meandering footpath, verdant terrace park, and active cricket grounds provides ample space for leisurely enjoyment under the shade of nature's embrace.

13.) Fantasy World Water Park

Along the prestigious National Highway 58 lies the enchanting Fantasy World Water Park, offering myriad aquatic experiences for all ages. Alongside the adrenaline rush, the water park features a delectable food court offering a variety of regional and international cuisine options. Divided into three invigorating segments – rollercoaster flumes, splashy water fun, and child wizardry – the park is sure to delight all ages. Offering parking convenience paired with necessities, this location boasts well-appointed facilities including restrooms, dressing rooms, and more.

14.) Suraj Kund Temple

Constructed by Meerut's entrepreneurial figure, Lawar Jawaharlal, in the latter half of the 1700s, Suraj Kund has become an iconic site. Inviting tired travelers to slow down and unwind, this picturesque patch undoubtedly serves up respite and ease. Right here, we find an earthly body of water named Kund holding historical and mythological value. Moreover, the Mansa Devi temple merits exploration just like other tourist hotspots. Within walking distance of Suraj Kund Park there exists a collection of succulent eateries, each propelling enticing regional treats and drinks towards your satisfaction. Park grounds are enhanced by the presence of India's flag and a life-size representation of Swami Vivekanandas.

15.) Saint John Church

A large and ancient church that can accommodate nearly 3000 people for a prayer meeting, Saint John's Church in Meerut is the oldest in the city. A gorgeous scenic view can be enjoyed from the lush green gardens all around this traditional church. An important landmark in Meerut, the Church was constructed in 1819. Agra is the district where it was built by the East India Company. In Meerut, it is a must-see destination due to its lofty columns and distinctive architecture. In addition to St John's Cemetery, it is located in the cantonment area.


As a tourist destination, Meerut has become increasingly attractive due to its heritage and history. Strategically located near Delhi in northern India, it can easily be accessed. There are several historical sites in the city, including St. John's Church and Hastinapur, which was the mythical capital of the Kuru Kingdom during the Mahabharata period. The street food and traditional sweets in Meerut also offer a delightful culinary experience. Additionally, the city is a hub for sports equipment manufacturing, making it a destination for sports enthusiasts. With a blend of history, culture, and gastronomy, Meerut is gradually gaining recognition as a diverse and appealing tourist spot.

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