Saptrishi Caves

On your Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, you will come across many holy places. One such place is Saptrishi Caves. These caves are also situated on the Kailash inner Kora route and you can also visit the caves when you go on Nandi Kora. Saptrishi Caves is a very holy site for Hindu devotees and also for Buddhist followers. The caves are named after the seven ancient sages of Hindu mythology. Even the sight of these caves is considered a very auspicious. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Who are the Saptrishis?

Sapt means the number seven. Rishi means sage. Hence, Saptrishis means seven sages. Saptrishis are seven of the holiest sages in Hindu mythology. Their status and hierarchy are at a very high level in the society of ancient India. They have great divine powers and have the ability to travel anywhere they wished. They could go to the heavens, earth, and hell and visit Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, and other gods and goddesses. These saptrishis are called:

  • Bharadwaj
  • Bhrigu
  • Atri
  • Gautama
  • Kashyap
  • Vishwamitra
  • Vashisht

The altitude of Saptrishi Caves

Saptrishi Caves are situated at an elevation of 6000 meters above sea level.

Location of Saptrishi Caves

This Caves are located very close to Mount Kailash. The caves are situated in a huge crack on the south face of Mount Kailash. We can see the caves from a distance. You can climb up to these caves if you know how to climb a mountain. You will need to climb a very steep rock face that is almost 90 degrees vertically.

What is inside Saptrishi Caves?

Devotees have kept religious books and other holy things in Saptrishi Caves. It is even said that there are hidden passages inside the caves in which sages still live and meditate. The caves are just like a narrow passage where you have to creep to fit inside. There are thirteen chortens (Buddhist shrines) that are inside the caves. Gengta Monastery manages these thirteen chortens.

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