Rudranath Temple

Rudranath is a revered temple and is a shelter for Lord Shiva’s devotees. This temple is situated in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, located at about 2286m above sea level. The peaks of the Himalayas that adds glory on Rudranath tour are the Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Nanda Ghunti.

Rudranath’s Mythological Importance

This peacefully adorned temple is the fourth temple to visit in the circuit of the Panch Kedar pilgrimage. Pandavas after killing their cousins started a journey towards Lord Shiva to attain salvation. Lord Shiva disguised and disappeared himself with his different body parts at different places as he wanted to avoid them. Pandavas built temples at those places where his body resurfaced. It is how the Rudranath temple came into place. The trekking route of Rudranath tour offers the diversified beauty of nature and is very interesting.

What is the Bliss Behind Rudranath Trekking?

For trekking while on Rudranath tour, let us keep the following points in mind –

  • Drive-215km- Go on Rudranath tour by taxi from Rishikesh to Gopeshwar and then to Sagar village which is 5km from Gopeshwar.
  • Trek-12km- You will come across a gate; this is the place where your trekking starts. Head towards Pun Bugyal and then travel to Panar Bugyal. It is the place where you can set up tents and relax.
  • Trek-8km- Start your journey towards Naola Pass (place for pitching tents) which is 4km from Rudranath. On your way, you will come across Pitradhar.
  • Trek-20km- From Rudranath, return to Mandal village where you can find shelter in a hotel.

The Main Attraction of the Rudranath Tour-

Rudranath, situated on the backdrop of the great Himalayas, offers all the sizzles of a typical rocky ambiance with bewitching sceneries. The best Rudranath tour package includes surrounding places that impose the gorgeousness of its charismatic surrounding. Some of the best places to visit on your Rudranath tour are –

  • Nanda Ghunti
  • Kandiya Bugyal
  • Nanda Devi
  • Trishul
  • Vaitarani River
  • Sagar Temple
  • Narad Temple
  • Koteshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Chamunda Devi temple
  • Dangi Jungle
  • Bhairav Mandir
  • Mathurapuri Mandir
  • Mallika Devi

The tranquillity and serenity of the above places are great attractions for tourists explore it by taking the best Rudranath tour package. Rudranath holiday package offers awe-inspiring views of the Himalayan region.

Best Time to Plan Rudranath Tour-

Planning Rudranath tour with family is the best way to calm your tempest mind. It is an easy place to trek through the rocky slopes as it offers exhilarating views. The best time to visit Rudranath is during the pleasant summer season. The months of April and June make it easy to complete your pilgrimage journey and you cannot stop trekking yourself from the world of unsurpassed prettiness.

Rudranath Holiday Package –

Rudranath Tour package gives you the chance to enjoy your holidays with family. The best and well planned Rudranath tour package available here will help you plan a great Rudranath tour within limited time and money. Check the best budget Rudranath holiday package with customized itinerary to have an economically feasible Rudranath tour with family.

How to Reach Rudranath-

By Road- You can go for Rudranath tour by bus till Rishikesh. From there you can take a bus or book a cab to Gopeshwar. It is well connected to major parts of Uttarakhand by well-mettled road.

By Rail- The nearby railway station to Rudranath is the Rishikesh railway station. You can go by either bus or cabs to Gopeshwar. Rishikesh is well connected to major towns of North India through trains.

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By Air- The nearest airport is the Jolly Airport at Dehradun. You can even go for daily flights which connect Delhi to this airport. You can take taxis or bus up to Gopeshwar.

Take the blessings of the holy Rudranath temple by planning Rudranath tour and enjoy the essence of everyday aarti which diversifies the beauty of the temple. Take the most economical Rudranath holiday package now and enjoy your shrine yatra.

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