Best Time to Visit Badrinath

Best Time to Visit Badrinath
What is the best time to visit Badrinath? You can visit Badrinath in May and June. These are the summer months in Uttarakhand and the best time to visit Badrinath. The temperature during the day is about 25 degrees Celsius. It may go down to 8 degrees Celsius at night. The average temperatures remain in the range of 9 degrees Celsius to 14 degrees Celsius. The overall weather will remain pleasant and you will not feel too hot due to the weather. Nights are cool, but you can wear light cotton clothing at night. The months from September to October are also the ideal to visit Badrinath. The monsoon rains have stopped and many pilgrims can come in this period.

Badrinath – the temple of Lord Badri

Badrinath Temple is one of the immensely sacred temples in Uttarakhand. This temple is one of the Uttarakhand Char Dham Yatra places. The main deity of this temple is Lord Badrinarayan, who is a divine form of Lord Vishnu. Vedic texts and Puranas have mentioned Badrinath as a place of huge religious significance. The image of Badrinath is in the form of a black granite stone called Shaligram. There are many mythological legends of Badrinath. The town of Badrinath is on the banks of the Alaknanda River. The town is also the base to go on many adventurous treks.

Why visit Badrinath from September to October?

Another season when you can visit Badrinath is September to October. This is also the best time to visit Badrinath. The monsoons are over and the weather is clear. Temperatures can remain between 11 degrees Celsius to 14 degrees Celsius. The climate is cooler than in the summer, but nights can be cold. But you can do sightseeing, and temple visits with much more freedom. You may experience a fresh influx of tourists in Badrinath in these months. But you will not have any inconvenience in traveling and doing most outdoor activities.
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