Top Things to do in Jim Corbett Uttarakhand

Top Things to do in Jim Corbett Uttarakhand
Jim Corbett National Park is the best national park if you want to go on a tiger safari. This national park is the best place in India to spot tigers in the wild. The name of this national park is named after Jim Corbett, who was a famous hunter, naturalist, and wildlife expert. But apart from the Jim Corbett Tiger Safari, you can do several thrilling things.

Following are the popular things to do in Jim Corbett

Here are the top 15 things to do in Jim Corbett Uttarakhand. You can read and note for yourself, and if you are looking for travel agent then contact us at Shrine Yatra for advance bookings. Read more about: Places To Visit in Uttarakhand

1.) Bird watching

Many migratory birds visit Jim Corbett during the winter, and this is the time when you can spot them through your binoculars. There are more than 650 species of birds that are seen in Jim Corbett National Park. Some of the birds that you can spot here are hornbills, kingfishers, Siberian cranes, babblers, eagles, and others.

2.) River crossing

A river crossing is an adventurous activity that you can do in Jim Corbett. This is possible as many rivers flow through Jim Corbett. These rivers are Ramganga, Kosi, and Jim Corbett. Due to the fast-flowing rivers, there is a danger of being swept away in the strong currents. Participants have to maintain a balance while crossing the rivers. You can prefer shallow rivers for river crossing as it is less dangerous. You must know how to swim before doing this adventurous sport.

3.) River rafting

The river rafting adventurous sport is one thing that you can do in Jim Corbett. In Jim Corbett, river rafting is done in the Kosi river which is a fast-flowing river. The monsoon is the best time to do this sport. The river rapids in Jim Corbett are best to do this sport. The river will take you to hilly areas and unexplored parts of the jungle. Read more about: Jim Corbett Tour Package

4.) Trekking

Trekking is one of the top things that you can do in Jim Corbett. Trekking allows you to spot wildlife and the jungle through a close range. You can trek in groups and visit many areas in the national park. Sitabani is one of the best places in Jim Corbett for trekking. The dense forests in Sitabani are a haven for wild creatures. You might come across elephants, jackals, deer, monkeys, and other animals or birds during your trekking.

5.) Sightseeing

Sightseeing in Jim Corbett is all about visiting the top tourist places in the national park. The zones in Jim Corbett such as Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhela, Durga Devi, and Sitabani Forest, have some tourist places that are worth visiting. All these zones have some special things to offer to tourists. You can visit Sitabani Temple, Kalagarh Dam, Durga Mandir Temple, and other places in Jim Corbett.

6.) Jeep safari

A jeep safari is the best way to explore the wildlife in Jim Corbett National Park. You can go deep into the jungles and spot animals from close range. You can go on a jeep safari in the four zones in the park. Jim Corbett jeep safari is best for wildlife photography. You can ride in an open jeep and visit many parts of the national park. The animals you can spot are black bears, foxes, elephants, tigers, etc. Read more about: Jim Corbett Nainital Tour Package

7.) Elephant safari

Jim Corbett is one of those national parks where you can go on an elephant safari. An elephant ride is an exhilarating adventure that you can have in Jim Corbett. An elephant ride is best as you can see the jungles, ravines, rivers, and the core areas in Jim Corbett. The mahouts are trained in handling the elephants and you are safe. The trails and paths of the elephant ride are marked and are such that though you are at a safe distance from the wild animals, you can still spot them. Dhikala and Bijrani zones allow elephant safari.

8.) Fishing

If you love fishing, then you can do so in Jim Corbett. For people who love fishing, there is no greater joy than catching a fish and eating it. Ramganga river which flows through Jim Corbett has some best places like Matwash, Rikawasi, Balyali, and Bandharan Bashal, where you can fish. The river has fishes like Mahseer, Goonch, and others. Kosi river is another river where you can go fishing. You can take your fishing gear like fishing nets, fishing rods, etc. You can cook the fish and eat it at your leisure.

9.) Camping

You can find many camping spots in Jim Corbett National Park. You can carry your camping gear and pitch a tent in the jungle. The experience of camping in Jim Corbett is something you should have when you visit Uttarakhand. You can watch the creatures in the wild, the flowing rivers, the terai grasslands, the thick jungles, and so much more. Read more about: Nainital Mussoorie Tour Package

10.) Mountain biking

Mountain biking or cycling is one of the top things to do in Jim Corbett. You can cycle on bike trails and ride along the river banks to get a thrilling experience of biking in Jim Corbett. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountains, rivers, jungles, hills, and natural landscapes in Jim Corbett.

11.) Pray at Garjia Temple

You can visit Garjia Temple on your visit to Jim Corbett. The temple is one of the popular sightseeing places in Jim Corbett. It is built on a big rock and is situated along the Kosi river banks. The main deities of this temple are Laxmi Narayan. The temple is very old and dates back to the 9th century. The idol in this temple is made of black granite stone, which is quite rare. Devotees have tremendous faith in the deity of this temple. They usually bathe in the Kosi River before entering the temple. Kartik Poornima is an auspicious day on which devotees visit the temple and pray to seek the blessings of the temple deity.

12.) Have a picnic time at Corbett Waterfalls

You can visit Corbett Waterfalls, which is one of the scenic waterfalls in Jim Corbett National Park. The waterfall is 66 feet high and is located in the middle of a thick jungle. The sound of chirping birds and the waterfalls will soothe your senses. Corbett Waterfalls is located in the Kaladhungi area near Ramnagar. You can camp near the waterfall and enjoy the sight of the cascading waters. You can also visit the waterfall during one of your treks in Jim Corbett. Read more about: Nainital Sightseeing

13.) Revisit history at Corbett Museum

Corbett Museum is located in the house where Jim Corbett lived during his lifetime. The museum has many photographs, letters, antiques, and other memorabilia. You will find many educational materials that will educate visitors about the jungle and its ecosystem. There is a small shop which sells souvenirs and local products.


A visit to Jim Corbett in Uttarakhand is a golden opportunity to be in natural surroundings and do a lot of adventurous activities. Here, you can do more than just go on safari tours. You can explore the full array of activities that Jim Corbett allows you to do. You can do relaxed activities and adventurous activities also. Explore any of the Uttarakhand Holiday Packages and visit the best-known national parks in India. Jim Corbett in Uttarakhand promises to be an unbelievable adventure that is waiting for you.
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