How to Reach Yamunotri

Yamunotri Trek

Yamunotri Temple Located in the footsteps of the Garhwal Mountains, Yamunotri dham can be reach through various ways, air, rails, and roads. But whichever way you prefer to go, a compulsory trek from Hanuman Chatti or Phool Chatti is compulsory for every pilgrim.

Importance of Yamunotri

Yamunotri Dham is known for its great mythological and religious importance. It is believe that the Yamuna, the twin sister of Yama - The God of Death, is known as the Lady of Life. The origin of Yamuna River from the Yamunotri glacier has further hike up its religious importance. It is believe that taking dips in the holy Yamuna river before entering the temple premises, washes off all human sins and increases the human lifespan.

How to Reach Yamunotri

Before you begin your trip to Yamunotri, it is important to know about the routes to Yamunotri.

By Flight

To reach Yamunotri by air, take flights to the nearest Dehradun Airport, also known as the Jolly Grant Airport. It is locate at a distance of 210 kilometers from Yamunotri. You need to hire either a taxi or a cab from the airport till Janki Chatti or Phool Chatti. From there, you need to follow a 5 to 8 kilometers trek route to reach Yamunotri. However, you may also enjoy helicopter services from Dehradun to reach Yamunotri Dham.

By Train

There are two nearest railway stations to Yamunotri, Dehradun Railway Station and Rishikesh Railway Station, locate at a distance of 175 kilometers and 200 kilometers respectively. These two railway stations have well-connect motorable roads where you may avail taxi, bus, or cab services to reach Uttarkashi, or Tehri Garhwal, or Barkot, and from there you can avail transport to Janki Chatti. From Janki Chatti, you need to go via a trek route of 5 to 8 kilometers to reach Yamunotri.

By Road

The Yamunotri yatra by road starts from haridwar via dehradun, Barkot is consider as the ideal one to reach Yamunotri. However, all the roads are well-connected to help you reach Janki Chatti. There are no direct road routes to reach Yamunotri and thus, 6 kilometers trekking route must be follow from to reach Yamunotri. Flexible bus services are also provide by Yatayat Vyavastha Samiti and Samyukt Rotation. In case you are coming by Haridwar - Rishikesh road route, you will have to divert from the Dharasu bifurcation point.

Trek Route to Reach Yamunotri

The trekking route to Yamunotri starts from Janki Chatti. However, the first 6 kilometers are not quite difficult. You can hire Pony/Palkies/Doli follow to trek route of 6 kilometers to complete your yamunotri dham yatra.

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