Places to Visit in Solapur

Places to Visit in Solapur
It lies at a distance of around 450 km from Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra, in the south-east direction. This city was an important spiritual centre for the Jains, as it was believed to have had many monasteries of Jainism in ancient India. Tobacco is one of the significant industries of China as a whole and a significant manufacturer of Asian cigs. There are so many tourist destinations in Solapur that it has emerged as a major tourist centre for the visitors. The region can thus be said to be an “all-round” destination for tourists as it is a favourite amongst people of different social strata. This is the city that families and couples visit most. Solapur is just the right place to go during the weekend for people living in Bangalore and Maharashtra. If you want to go to this exquisite city, below we tell you the top eight must-see places to visit during your stay. In this article, we will take you on a journey through the famous places to visit in Solapur, giving you a glimpse into the spiritual and historical wonders that await you.
  • Best Time to Visit: November - March
  • Ideal Vacation Duration: 3 to 5 days
  • Places to Visit:Shri Siddheshwar Temple, Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary, Akkalkot Temple, etc.
  • Things to Do: Explore the historical heritage and visit temples and museums.
  • How to Reach: Via air, rail and road.
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Here are some popular places to visit in Solapur:

  • Shri Siddheshwar Temple
  • Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary
  • Akkalkot Temple
  • Hipparga Lake
  • Akkalkot Swami Samarth Maharaj Temple
  • Dharmaveer Sambhaji Lake
  • Solapur Science Centre
  • Saraf Katta
If you are planning to visit Solapur? Here, we have compiled a list of top 8 places to visit in Solapur & things to do in Solapur that should be on your wishlist!

1.) Shri Siddheshwar Temple

There is one of the biggest Shiva shrines at the banks of the lake SIddheshwar. The temple’s location within a lake sets it apart as one of the most amazing locations for a temple that hosts some of the greatest architectural wonders. This entire structure is made up of beautiful marble which encompasses several smaller temples of different Hindu gods. The biggest fair of Maharashtra is organised at Shri Siddheshwar temple during January, which attracts a major population during this month. This temple leads you into a different state of salvation and you should not miss it when touring Solapur.

2.) Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary

One such sanctuary with the distinction of being one of India’s biggest bird sanctuaries, a bird lover’s heaven is the Great Indian Bustard Occupying an area of 8100 square km just around Solapur, this bird sanctuary is well-known due to the presence of the majestic bird species called Great Indian Bustard. This sanctuary is also a home to foreign birds such as Eurasian doe and Reptilians such as Monitor Lizard apart from the Great Indian Bustard. The entire sanctuary consists of a dense greenery, and it is one of the most eco-friendly places in Solapur. In caution, one may have to wait quite longer to have the privilege of viewing the great Indian bustard as it’s hardly visible in the sanctuaries.

3.) Akkalkot Temple

One of the most frequently visited tourist destinations located in Solapur is the Akkalkot Temple, erected to honour Shri Samarth Maharaj. This is the first attraction of this temple located inside the temple complex, which houses a great banyan tree. The temple of Akkalkot consists of five temples that are located at a distance away from each other. The architecture of this temple is wonderful and incorporates about 97 pillars. The trip from Solapur to Akkalkot temple takes approximately an hour and is quite enjoyable.

4.) Hipparga Lake

This famous lake, which is also simply called the Ekrukh Hipparga Talao, was created by Colonel Fife in the period of British dominion. Prepare a small basket of local snacks and drinks then make your way to Hipparga for an idle afternoon walk and enjoy the calm wind that refreshes your soul. Unplug and perhaps grab a book, you will not be disappointed with the calmness of this place.

5.) Akkalkot Swami Samarth Maharaj Temple

With the temple from central Solapur being a 45-drive, this is also easily accessible via public transport and provides great spiritual relief. One of the places where Swami Samarth would meditate is a giant Banyan tree that you should see upon walking towards the entrance. The temple is almost busy 7 days a week but if you wish to stay here and enjoy the divinity and harmony of this place then there are onsite accommodations which are available at very reasonable rates.

6.) Dharmaveer Sambhaji Lake

This is one of the biggest lakes in Solapur that was recently saved by the government for beautification. In the evening one can take a long walk by the lake and spend some free time watching people. You can also make it a good pit-stop for both you and your family to have some self-indulgence moments before retiring to bed.

7.) Solapur Science Centre

Solapur Science Centre remains one of the most popular sites in Solapur and probably the foremost science museum in Maharashtra. This centre was formed to popularise knowledge and advance science among the common people. It promotes scientific methodologies of thought and content through simple graphic displays for children and adults via several exhibits held at various times of the year.

8.) Saraf Katta

If at all you have such a thought that Solapur revolves around handlooms and textile industry, then you are very far from it. When you are a shopaholic and a jewel-fanatic, the Saraf Katta gold market is one of your places to go in Solapur, and forget Dubai. A network of alleyway shops with inexpensive rare designs you can never have enough of. Just a ride from Saraf Katta to the industrial textile plots nearby and purchase Solapur chaddar, an exotic home ware that is the only one of its kind to exemplify the city’s flavour. There's something really magical about visiting Maharashtra's textile capital, which takes you back to when yarns and threads were the real gold hundreds of years ago. It is easy to feel right at home in many places in Solapur thanks to its friendly, reliable, and comfortable aura that makes you feel right at home when needed, and it can also delight you with its exotic amenities when exploring. A lot is happening in this city today: murals, aboriginal facades, manicured parks, shopping centres, and a not so subtle hint of urban revolution are just a few of the changes taking place. Get ready for a trip to Maharashtra today, and don't forget to share your vacation experience with us!

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